DWEK or DSO is a type of Corneal graft.

Well in a recent post we talked about DSEK and DMEK. These are alternatives to full thickness penetrating corneal grafts. They also may be called sutureless corneal graft.

Now one of the surgeons whose DMEK graft fell off discovered the cornea still healed. The realization dawned that removing just the diseased endothelium may all that is required in certain patients. This procedure is called DWEK or DSO. DWEK stands for Descemets  stripping without Endothelial Keratoplasty. A more apt name may be DSO Descemets stripping only.

This is shown to work in few selected individual. The best candidate might be an older person with just central dense Fuchs guttate. Central 4 mm of endothelium is removed. The adjoining healthy cells migrate and take over the function of the unhealthy cells. The cornea clears and vision improves. This process can take 3-4 months.

DMEK clears up the cornea faster and is preferred in younger individuals. DSEK is the original procedure which involved removing of the unfit inner corneal cells. Actually all these surgical interventions are a continuum of inner corneal transplants. The difference being how much of the diseased cornea is removed. And whether a transplant is performed. If performed than the thickness  may vary.

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