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Spread the Word: PIE – Presbyopic Implant Eye Innovation

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“Hi, I am Kevin. I had Presbyopic Implants in Eye or PIE. Yesterday I was able to drive myself today to the Westlake village office. I’ve been able to see 2020 today it’s a great blessing and a benefit it’s something I didn’t think was possible in life after he gets to a certain age you think everything’s going downhill but I’m back I can see I enjoy enjoy life and it’s just it’s just wonderful the staff here is fabulous they take care of you yes you’re all your questions and I couldn’t say anything negative it’s just all positives and it’s a joy to be with doctor Khanna and his staff to receive a new life with vision thank you”

At 58 years old, Kevin had become accustomed to a life of squinting and struggling to read the newspaper. He never imagined that his life would take such a dramatic turn for the better after receiving Presbyopic Implants in Eye (PIE). With newfound clarity and enthusiasm, Kevin is eager to share his journey with others.

Kevin’s journey began when he realized that his vision was only getting worse with age. He found himself frustrated with everyday tasks, like reading the morning paper and following the steps of a recipe. It was at that point when he decided to research corrective options.

He came across Dr. Khanna, a renowned ophthalmologist, and his innovative PIE procedure. After an extensive consultation, Kevin decided to take the leap and undergo the surgery. The thought of being able to see clearly again was more than enough motivation for him to face his fears.

The day after his surgery, Kevin was ecstatic to find that he could already see a significant improvement in his vision. He eagerly drove himself to Dr. Khanna’s office in Westlake Village for his follow-up appointment, marveling at the newfound clarity of his surroundings.

Upon arrival, Kevin was greeted by the warm, smiling faces of Dr. Khanna’s staff. They were eager to hear about his progress and patiently answered all of his questions. The sense of community and support he felt at the office was just as uplifting as the positive results of his PIE surgery.

Kevin couldn’t contain his excitement as he shared the news of his 20/20 vision with Dr. Khanna. The gratitude he felt for his doctor and the staff was overwhelming, as he knew that they had given him a new lease on life. Not only did they provide excellent care, but they were also genuinely interested in his well-being and happiness.

Overwhelmed by the positivity of his experience, Kevin felt compelled to share his story with the world. He wanted others who might be struggling with their vision to know that there was hope and that they didn’t have to settle for a life of declining sight.

Kevin’s enthusiasm for his new life was contagious. Friends, family, and even strangers were captivated by his story and inspired by his unwavering optimism. It wasn’t long before Kevin became somewhat of a local celebrity, known for his incredible transformation and infectious zest for life.

The joy that Kevin found in his newfound vision extended beyond his personal life. He began volunteering at a local senior center, sharing his experiences with residents and providing them with hope and encouragement. Kevin’s story had a profound impact on the lives of those he encountered, inspiring them to take control of their own lives and explore the possibilities that awaited them.

Looking back, Kevin couldn’t help but feel blessed for the journey that led him to Dr. Khanna and his incredible staff. Thanks to their care, skill, and dedication, he had been given a second chance at life – a life filled with clear vision and endless possibilities. As he continued to spread his message of hope and positivity, Kevin knew that he was making a difference, one person at a time.

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