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Painless Lasik Eye Surgery is Here

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Painless lasik eye surgery has finally arrived after three decades of performing lasik.

Just 15 seconds to create flap. No Pain. No darkness or loss vision. NO pressure

NO Redness

Its Simple

Just enjoy the spectacular vision and do what you love most, be it hiking, golf, parasailing, pickleball or tennis. But wait now you will enjoy them without glasses nor contacts. Imagine snorkeling or scuba diving and being able to see clearly. Best of all this advanced method of correcting refractive disorders does not cause dryness like the older versions.

So even if you were turned for lasik previously or told you area not good candidate you may still be acandidate for painless lasik eye surgery.

These are real videos of patients who underwent the revolutionary painless procedure at our Beverly Hills Lasik Eye Center. She was afraid of previous versions of lasik, especially the pain and loss of vision during the suction part of making the flap. She kept procrastinating for two years. Than we introduced her to our new technology. It was love at first sight. She underwent painless lasik with in 48 hours. She told her aunt – a practicing dentist that it was the best decision of her life.

School teacher has painless lasik eye surgery

School teachers Know best. Do you have the audacity to challenge this wonderful well respected school teacher? If she says there is no pain before during or after when Dr. Khanna performs advanced Visumax 90 lasik eye surgery, you better believe it.

You might be wondering by now what is novel about this technology that makes it pain free. We can explain it easily in simple language. Previous versions of lasik eye surgery have cut flaps by stabilizing and flattening the cornea. To achieve this they apply pressure on the white part of the eye which is the sclera conjunctiva. This pressure burst vessels in the conjunctiva that cause the redness which may persist for weeks. This pressure also decreases blood supply to the eye raising pressure and causing blurriness or even total darkness for a few seconds. Yes the pinching is painful! It is also important to note the increased pressure is unhealthy for the entire eye and dangerous for the retina.

Enter the new kid all the way from Germany

Visumax laser developed by the leader in eye care technology is a space age laser. It is very precise and safe. The bed is designed to make micro movements so that the laser always has the eye in focus without

Visumax laser used to make flap for painless lasik eye surgery
Visumax femtosecond laser

We invite you to visit our state of the art lasik eye center in heart of Beverly Hills. Whats more we are one of the few places you can obtain validated parking so you are not tense about your meter running out or car getting towed away. We will perform advanced diagnostic tests to make sure you a candidate for Painless lasik eye surgery with Dr.Khanna. Yes the same Dr. Khanna who has been selected as one of the top 15 laser vision correction specialists by Newsweek showcase. He has also been selected as a Superdoctor by LA times three years in a row. That is why thousands have trusted him with their vision. Over the course of three decades he has delivered brilliant sight to doctors, actors, sports persons and attorneys. He has even performed vision correction surgeries on his mom, wife, son and many staff members.

With impeccable bedside manners, supported by a wonderful staff he will abolish any fears you may have of lasik eye surgery.

Yes we mean Painless lasik eye surgery.

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