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Financing Refractive Eye Surgery

Financing Refractive Eye Surgery at Khanna Vision is easy. You want the best for your precious eyes. That is why you have chosen us -Latest technology, skilled passionate surgeon, certified and caring staff. To make it easy we offer No Interest, $0 down affordable monthly payments through these three well recognized heath care finance companies. This financing applies to all surgeries offered by us including SMILE, Lasik, PIE, ICL and Pterygium.

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Soft Check vs Hard Check

What’s the difference between a soft credit check and a hard credit check?

A soft credit check and a hard credit check are two types of inquiries that can be performed on your credit report. They serve different purposes and have varying impacts on your credit score.
Soft credit check (also known as a soft inquiry or soft pull):

  1. Impact on credit score: Soft credit checks do not affect your credit score.
  2. Visibility: Soft inquiries are only visible to you on your credit report, not to potential lenders or other third parties.
  3. Purpose: Soft credit checks are typically used for pre-approval offers, background checks, or when you check your own credit score. They provide a high-level overview of your credit without delving into the details.
  4. Consent: You do not need to give explicit consent for a soft credit check.
    Hard credit check (also known as a hard inquiry or hard pull):
  5. Impact on credit score: Hard credit checks can temporarily lower your credit score, typically by a few points. However, the impact lessens over time and usually disappears within two years.
  6. Visibility: Hard inquiries are visible to potential lenders and other third parties on your credit report, and they may consider them when evaluating your creditworthiness.
  7. Purpose: Hard credit checks are usually conducted when you apply for credit, such as a mortgage, credit card, auto loan, or personal loan. They provide a detailed view of your credit history and are used by lenders to assess your credit risk.
  8. Consent: You generally need to give explicit consent for a hard credit check, usually by signing an authorization form or agreeing to the terms when applying for credit.
    In summary, soft credit checks are less invasive and do not impact your credit score, while hard credit checks can temporarily lower your credit score and are visible to potential lenders.

Video Explaining Financing Refractive Eye Surgery

How Does Financing Refractive Eye Surgery Work?

You apply to any one of the above financing companies. They will pay us upfront after subtracting a financing charge. You will get all details of your account from them. you will make monthly payments to them directly. As long as you make timely monthly payments there is no interest on the No interest financing.

This division of Wells Fargo is different than the checking and saving account bank. That means they still need to qualify you even if you have a bank account with them.

Financing for LASIK and Refractive Surgery‘s: Obtaining personal loans for elective eye procedures

Understanding a personal loan for financing Refractive. eye surgery.

Loans taken personally from healthcare financing institutions are not secured against any collateral. They are flexible as you can use them for any procedure, including Lasik presbyopic implants or even dental or cosmetic procedures. The repayment is done in easy fixed, and monthly installments. Since the amount is fixed every month it’s easier for a person to work it in their budget. People with good credit can get better rates in fact zero % for six months to 2-3 years. you may wonder how this is possible and what’s in it for the financing institution. Khanna Vision Institute pays a fees to obtain this rates for our patients. An alternative is to get the funding from bank, credit union or even an online lender. It is in your best interest to compare the various loans available by looking at the rates loan amount time to fund the loan in the world, how long do you have to pay them back.
There are several factors to compare to make a judgment of the best loan for Lasik eye surgery.

  1. APR: annual percentage rate can be ranging from 6% to 36%. Your credit rating would be the depending factor if you have excellent credit that is 690 or more than you going to get better rates.
  2. Fees: a financial houses can sometimes charge a one time fees at the time of processing the loan. This can vary from one percent to 10% of the amount borrowed. And this can be added to the total loan amount.
  3. Financed amount: The amount lenders give can vary from 1000 $100,000 for Lasik eye surgery $6000-$7000 is common whereas for PIE, EVO ICL surgery it approximately $12,000 to $17,000
  4. Term of the loan: a longer loan will have a higher interest cost but lower monthly payments. If you want to keep the loan cost down a shorter term loan would be needed but that would mean higher monthly payments.
  5. If you want to check your credit score, it is possible to do it at creditkarma without any charge.

FAQ on Financing Refractive Eye Surgery In Los Angeles and Ventura County

Q1. What credit score is needed for LASIK?

A score of 690 or greater is usually required to obtain no money down 0% financing.

Q2. Do you need good credit to get lasik?

You need good credit to get 0% financing. Even if you do not have a good credit score you may still qualify for 0% or with interest financing. Some companies may qualify people with bad score also.

Q3.Is lasik covered by insurance?

Medicare or any other private health insurance currently in 2023 does not cover for lasik eye surgery. There may be some discounts if you have specific medical or vision insurance. For example is Eyemed and Spectra vision insurance which have contracted with Khanna vision institute to give their stellar customer care and provide the latest technology to their customers for a prenegotiated discount.

Q4. What insurance is best for lasik?

The best would be a combination of having surgery at the best lasik doctors with the best discount from an insurance like Eyemed. Insurances may get you better discounts at lesser skilled doctors. That should not be a goal of a person who wants the best outcome for the procedure.

Q5. How does financing work with LASIK?

Companies providing financing for lasik offer a range of plans which you can complete paying off within three months six months or for as long as five years. Some lenders allow you to spread out payments over time without incurring any extra cost. Some short-term payment plans ( 3 months to 24 months) charge no interest at all.

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