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Financing Refractive Eye Surgery

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Financing Refractive Eye Surgery at Khanna Vision is easy. You want the best for your precious eyes. That is why you have chosen us -Latest technology, skilled passionate surgeon, certified and caring staff. To make it easy we offer No Interest, $0 down affordable monthly payments through these three well recognized heath care finance companies.

No credit check Preapproval for Alphaeon Financing for Refractive Eye Surgery

Financing Refractive Eye Surgery in Beverly Hills
Khanna Vision Institute Alphaeon financing

Video Explaining Financing Refractive Eye Surgery

Financing Refractive Eye SUrgery

Care Credit Financing Refractive Eye Surgery

How Does Financing Refractive Eye Surgery Work?

You apply to any one of the above financing companies. They will pay us upfront after subtracting a financing charge. You will get all details of your account from them. you will make monthly payments to them directly. As long as you make timely monthly payments there is no interest on the No interest financing.

Wells Fargo for Financing Refractive Eye Surgery

This division of Wells Fargo is different than the checking and saving account bank. That means they still need to qualify you even if you have a bank account with them.

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FAQ on Financing Refractive Eye Surgery In Los Angeles and Ventura County

  1. Do you offer interest free lower monthly installments for six months to 24 months?

Yes we do. Financing Refractive Eye Surgery has never been easier.

Which plan should I choose?

That is a choice you can make based on your financials and budget.

May I use this financing for SMILE eye surgery?

Yes, of course.

Is there any prepayment penalty?

No there is none as we already pay the financing charge upfront. It is still a good idea to check with the financial institution.

Even though I finance for 24 months, if I get money should I pay off in six months?

Yes you can, though there is no advantage as this is interest free money. Sometimes people pay off early to improve their credit score.

What happens if I miss my monthly payments?

That can affect your credit. If you are unfortunately in such a situation contact the financing company before payment is missed.

Can I make the payments to Khanna Vision Institute?

No, these payments are to be made directly to the financing institution.

Does Khanna Vision Institute finance directly?

No, we do not.

Which of these three companies do you recommend?

All are good. Alphaeon is specifically for refractive surgery. It is the one which is offering preapproval.

Can I apply it to more than one financing company?

Yes you can, If you apply on the same day or within a day or two it should not affect your credit.