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Khanna Vision Institute: Your Destination for Clear Vision without Glasses or Contacts

Rajesh Khanna, MD
Keratoconus Cross Linking

We invite you to visit us talk to us either by coming in person to any of our six locations spread throughout Los Angeles and Ventura county for your convenience or over virtually through advance remote Dr. technology

We want to spread vision and help people see better without glasses or contacts. We are passionate about that, and would welcome the chance to make you another one of our success stories.

Welcome to Khanna Vision Institute

A medical center of excellence dedicated to your happiness.

Khanna Vision Institute was  founded with a goal to deliver the latest technology by skillful surgeons in the family environment. Over the years, as technology has leapt forward Khanna Vision Institute has kept pace by either acquiring the technology or partnering with colleagues to share the latest and safest.

The unique thing at KVI is that patient is not a number but a friend or family member. Dr. Khanna has operated on many of his family members including his mom wife, son, nephews nieces.  The same care and attention to detail is given to any person who walks in. 

The staff members who are passionate and dedicated, follow the same philosophy of patient always coming first. The only caveat is to make a person happy we will not do anything unethical, break the law or do what may be unsafe in the long term best interest.

That brings us to the philosophy do best what is ethical, legal and moral. Everything else will fall in place.

With this goal and philosophy in mind, Khanna Vision and Institute offers a range of vision correction options. Opticians and optometrist, offer, glasses, and contacts to those who are not ready for surgery or not candidates for a surgical procedure.

The chief surgeon Dr. Khanna offers many Refractive Surgery options so everyone can be given the best for their eyes and avoid pushing round pegs in square holes

For the farsighted young people, we have painless Lasik, for nearsighted young people we offer SMILE laser vision correction and EVO ICL. Astigmatism can also be corrected with i design technology.

For people suffering from presbyopia presbyopic implants in the eye are a great option, which have been pioneered by Khanna Vision Institute. In fact, Dr. Khanna‘s book on the subject “Rejuvenate aging eyes” is the best seller on Amazon.

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A medical center of excellence

Our locations staff and Doctors are there to help you in your journey to better vision.

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