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In 7 minutes get Young again- New Eyes with PIE

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Near Vision Correction Surgery above fifty years of age ​delivers the Fountain of Youth and Eternal Vision!

Fed Up of Struggling With Glasses & Contacts? Want Near Vision Correction Surgery  Superior to Lasik?

Reverse the hands of the time – Be Forever 31: Near Vision Correction Surgery

“Permanent, Crystal Clear Vision With This Modern, Painless Medical Marvel!”

Would you like to discover the eye fountain of youth? Reverse the hands of time and submerse yourself in youthful vision? Liberate your eyes from visual aids and with newfound freedom experience brilliant vision?

Then you are like thousands of others who were struggling with vision problems and who have already benefited from this amazing space-aged technology.

Tired of Stretching Your Arms Out to Read?

“I wish my arms were even longer so I could read easily.”

Before our patients embarked on this everlasting vision journey, they were frustrated by their arms not being long enough to see at near. You may have noticed that as you push away the newspaper or book, it becomes clearer; however, your arms can only stretch so far, especially if you are not very tall.

Vision is very important in golf and other sports! Struggling to see the ball on the tee or the score card can be irritating.  It definitely can affect your game.

Does golf seem less enjoyable because of lack of fluid vision? Are you like Tom, who would hit the ball far but could not track it across the sky? He even had trouble reading the score card and had to rely on his partner to read that for him.

Have you been bothered by contacts? Remember the time you lost the ball and lost the game?

I lost my contact during the game – from the goal post, the players and the ball appear fuzzy.

Have you wished that you could see the ball sooner?

Progressive glasses cause  Neck Pain.

“Headaches, visits to the Chiropractor and even anti-depressants!”

Janice had multiple glasses, one for distance, one for middle and one for near. She would get very confused on which pair was for the right distance. It affected her work, not to say carrying 3 pairs along with her everywhere was truly a burden. She wished she was back in her twenties.

You may ask why did she not just settle for a pair of progressives lenses?

Young businesswoman with glasses working at home fighting neck pain.

She did try. She developed neck strain from constantly adjusting her neck position for different distances. You may have noticed the same problem yourself, needing to frequently tilt your head up for distance, down for near, and struggling to find the correct positioning for the middle. If you are working on a computer with your neck at a funny angle, it can stress your neck and shoulder muscles causing stiffening and cramping. You may resort to Yoga, or even visit a Chiropractor in search of relief.

WINING & DINING are more enjoyable when you can read what you are ordering!

Jack, a connoisseur of wine, would often pick up the wrong bottle of wine as he could not read the small print on the labels. It became an embarrassment when he would bring the wrong bottle to a friends house or the wine club.

Shannon, a single, successful and beautiful salesperson looked much younger than her age. She confessed that on dates she feared the menus. Her near vision had deteriorated so much that the antipasta merged with the pasta on the menu. She would be forced to take her readers out. That gave her age away to her date. She longed to overcome that problem.

Masks and glasses don’t get along! Breath escaping from the mask can fog the glasses making your vision blurry.  It can cause serious problems.

Face mask causes fogged glasses.

The world seems a blur through the haze.

In these Covid 19 times you may have realized the short comings of glasses. You have surely experienced what surgeons have struggled with for decades. Fogging of glasses when wearing masks. They can get fogged at critical times, such as during a presentation. Of course, you may have experienced the same hazy vision on rainy days while driving, putting your life at risk. It’s no fun trying to clean your glasses while keeping the car under control on a slippery road.

Are your hobbies less fun? Do you wish you could stress less and enjoy more? Are your glasses leaving pressure marks on your face?

Sewing was more fun when I could see the needle.

The cards were supposed to be clearer.

People were fed up by constantly having to move their heads to see through progressives. Many hated how they fogged up in rain or when wearing masks. Bifocals, trifocals and the like were limiting the field of vision of skiers, swimmers and other sports enthusiasts.

Watching football on TV is no fun when you can’t see the ball clearly! Changing channels does not help!

Poor near vision can make stock trading  tiresome and can prove costly.

Safety comes first! Intermediate vision deficiency may cause you to loose control while driving.  You need to see clearly when driving or flying!

You have struggled to see the dashboard of the car and wondered at what speed you were you driving.

Pilot forgot his glasses and had a tough time seeing the instrument panel.

Poor near vision even affects intimacy!

When you kiss, does your partner appear blurry?

Near vision inadequacy can decrease intimacy.

Red, irritated eyes! The problems with glasses or contacts and the lack of seeing near can cause you to get frustrated and even shed tears.

Irritated, red bloodshot eyes

Some of you may be frustrated with contact lenses causing dry eyes or infections.

We EMPATHIZE with you! We have heard these stories from thousands of people. 

We want to HELP!  You are suffering from an age-related condition called “PRESBYOPIA“.

Would you like to learn about Presbyopia, and how to  Cure Presbyopia Permanently     with Near Vision Correction Surgery?

Presbyopia is a misunderstood problem which is often confused with farsightedness or hyperopia. Even doctors and scientists were unclear about the exact cause of this age-related condition.

Structure of the human eye.

Errors of refraction.

With Presbyopia, the eye is unable to focus near objects.

We researched the structure and function of the eye. Age-related changes and  deterioration were found to be the cause.

Our investigation showed that the natural lens becomes thick, looses its elasticity and therefore its autozoom function. It cannot change shape and increase its focusing power as objects come near.

Neuroadaptation – The optic nerve and its pathway in the brain to the visual cortex where vision is generated.

We probed the interaction of eyes and brain and discovered something fascinating!

The eyes actually do not see! They only transmit information to the brain through neuroelectric signals. Less than thirty percent of information is actually transferred. The brain conjures up the image of the world with this minimal data!

It is very important that the information be as precise and accurate for your brain to evaluate it.

That means all myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia needs to be avoided.

We discovered a cure for Presbyopia – which also cures Myopia, Hyperopia & treats Astigmatism

Ditch the glasses and switch to a better life!

We have performed this curative procedure on thousands, including our own moms!

Today they are living a productive life without any visual problems. They can drive a car, enjoying the scenery while being able to look at the dashboard or their watches without any problem.

They are playing better golf with more satisfaction. They can discern whether the ball lands on the line or outside. Shooting the ball into the hoop is easier.

Crafts and hobbies like stitching are less strenuous and more relaxing.

Water sports like snorkeling or scuba diving are more colorful.

This is the only known and proven method to  Prevent Cataracts.

It turns out that this procedure to cure Presbyopia also avoids fluctuation of vision and the development of cataracts.

Would you like to join the hundreds of thousands who have already benefited?

Wearing glasses will be a thing of the past.

Join those who having nothing between their eyes and the air.

See how lustrous their eyes appear!

You will thank us every time when you hit the golf ball from the bunker into the hole, or can track the ball after a well hit drive. When you go mountain climbing, smash the ball in pickleball or place the tennis ball on the line to amaze your opponent, you will be glad you came across this page.

Yes, it will last your whole life.

Even when you are older.

You may see some of your relatives and friends struggling with shaky hands or tremors who find it difficult to put on glasses and contacts. You will not be one of them. After this 21st century procedure you will be hiking, biking and swimming without any visual aids well into your nineties.

Safe sight will let you live an independent life, decreasing the incidence of falls and hip fractures by 50 %

Here is the best part.

This is the only intervention that can prevent cataracts! Did we mention its painless?

Presbyopia can be cured-  Even if you have had Lasik, PRK or RK eye surgery in the past!

If you had a refractive procedure like Lasik in the past because you hated glasses but are now back to wearing them, you must be miserable.

Help is here.

A lifetime solution so you never have to wear glasses again.

This amazing life-changing procedure is called – PIE – Presbyopic Implant in Eye!

An easy to remember name, like Thanksgiving pie.

It gives joy.

In fact, PIE keeps on giving joy year after year.

This painless procedure takes only a few minutes but is the best investment.

Most people can even return to work within a few hours and resume their active lifestyle in a day or two.

This fascinating, FDA approved technology is limited to few surgeons who have mastered the art.

This process is superior to Lasik in people over 45 years of age.

“This life changing procedure is nothing short of a scientific miracle” – say the many people who have enjoyed the benefits of the procedure.

Here are some amazing facts about this technology:

  • Superior to Lasik: PIE lasts a lifetime. It allows binocular vision at all distances – near, middle and far.
  • Better than glasses: Yes, it is evident by now all the advantages of PIE over various forms of glasses and contact lenses.
  • Safer and more stable vision than contact lenses: Dry eyes associated with contacts are more prone to infections. PIE is performed as a sterile, one time procedure.

Meet celebrities and every day people who have benefited – Read about them and see them!

When we tried to explain this technology to doctors, they found it difficult to grasp, so we came up with the solution

New concepts are difficult to grasp. Even if you have been trained in medical studies. Sometimes it is more difficult if the basic knowledge you learned has changed.

The internet was no help. As the American Academy of Ophthalmology has shown in their study, only half the information about eye procedures is true.

Which half?

We realized a new foundation of concepts was required.

Something not only doctors, but a young person can understand as well. 

This meant back to the drawing board to take the knowledge to the masses.

Bypassing the media to reach the consumer directly.

It meant writing, editing and writing some more. Many hours of labor, teamwork and sometimes heated debates.

Translate medical jargon into English and test on laypeople.

We put in lots of effort to bring this to you!

Introducing: Rejuvenate Aging Eyes 

               The Miracle of PIE

We present to you the fruits of our labor so you can improve your vision and life.A scientific endeavor.The latest knowledge and surgical principles explained so even a fifth grader can understand.

“Rejuvenate Aging Eyes” is an easy to read bestseller about reversing aging eyes by using an advanced bionic method to generate youthful vision. Educational, informative, “Rejuvenate Aging Eyes” de- mystifies  vision problems and refractive surgery by converting complicated medical jargon into a simple, easy to understand book .The book will explain how people above forty five can dispose of all types of glasses and contact lenses in a simple lunch break procedure, even those who have had lasik or turned down for Lasik.

  1. 1Read the book: The book is well illustrated with top quality colored pictures. It’s divided into various easy flowing chapters.
  2. 2Video companion: We will send a DVD with highlights from the book, bonus videos, patient testimonials, interview with the author.

PIE    Rejuvenate             Aging Eyes

What people are saying about PIE

A must read on PIE Procedure.

I’ve been on the fence about getting vision correction surgery. It seems like every time you see a positive story there is a negative one to counter it and this just leaves me confused. I think the biggest problem with this topic is the lack of quality information on the procedures and benefits. All of this changed for me after I read Dr. Rajesh Khanna’s book, “Rejuvenate Aging Eyes” on PIE procedure, which gives the reader all of the information you need on the PIE procedure operation.

I love the chapter that compares Lasik and PIE. I was fascinated to read that Lasik can only correct your vision’s focus in either distance, middle or near, but not all three. Whereas the PIE procedure corrects your vision’s focus in all three areas. This book was the tipping point for me in deciding that PIE procedure is the right choice for me. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in vision correction surgeries.

– Actor

“Perfect for people looking beyond lasik”

I bought this book for my dad. He’s got glasses and has been considering surgery for a while but was unsure about it. This book pretty much answered all his concerns. Dr Rajesh Khanna has covered all the bases in this book. My dad’s wanted to get rid of his glasses for a while now and reading this has given him the confidence to go ahead with PIE. A must read for someone considering corrective eye surgery, especially for middle aged people..

Samantha Morrison
– Graphic Artist

“5 out of 5 stars  Just what I was looking for–and probably you too!

You may have heard a lot about Lasik surgery, but the PIE procedure is probably unfamiliar to you. It won’t be after reading Dr. Rajesh Khanna’s informative book entitled, “Rejuvenate Aging Eyes.” Written for people who are over the age of 45, who hate glasses, who have had previous eye surgery, or who are just curious about eye health, ” Rejuvenate Aging Eyes” will enlighten and educate you.

In simple, layman’s terms, the author presents an objective view on the advantages of PIE over Lasik. He also meticulously describes the procedures, risks, and realities of life after PIE surgery. “Rejuvenate Aging Eyes” gives practical advice on researching eye surgeries, consulting with physicians, weighing benefits, possible complications and maintaining a healthy lifestyle after surgery while enjoying clear, defined vision. Your eyes are definitely worth investing in, and this book can be the start to an excellent investment. It’s your vision and your life–I highly recommend “Rejuvenate Aging Eyes!

Shane Jackson
– Financial Adviser

You can order this AWESOME book with just a click!

Hurry, place your order now to begin your journey to better vision and a more fulfilling lifestyle. In addition to the book, we will send you a  DVD with bonus testimonials and an interview with the author.

Do not overthink this important step.

Click the ‘Buy It Now’ button below to be directed to our secure PayPal site.

PIE   Rejuvenate              Aging Eyes

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

A few more testimonials to prove it works for real people –

“This book is certainly a game changer”

“This book really helped me to understand the changes my eyes have gone through as I’ve gotten older.

Now that I’ve pursued PIE with Dr. Khanna, I’m the only one in my group of friends that doesn’t need cheaters to see the menu when we all go out to a restaurant.

Lori Patti

“I had no idea there was a procedure superior to Lasik…”

“I thought my Lasik surgery would last forever so I was upset when I started to need reader glasses to see my phone.

This book explained everything! Now I know why PIE is superior to Lasik and I have hope for a future without ever needing glasses again.

Maurice Allen
Polo Player
Rajesh Khanna, MD

Creator of PIE

About the Author

Dr. Rajesh Khanna grew up in India surrounded by poverty. As a young man, he remembers vividly seeing a vendor on the corner selling balloons. The man had only one functioning eye and he thought to himself, “how can people have an opportunity to support their families when they have to struggle with sight?”

That started his journey down the path to eradicate visual deficiencies. Many years later, and with much schooling under his belt, he found that balloon vendor and performed his first charitable corneal transplant. That passion has driven him to be the visual pioneer and leader in his field that he is today.

Dr. Khanna completed his internship at Graduate Hospital in Pennsylvania and performed his residency at Suny Downstate in New York. His fellowship training in Corneal and Refractive surgery was done at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio.

Currently he lectures to the medical community on various ophthalmological topics, as well as appears on many television and radio shows. He is a syndicated columnist and author. He has been featured in various magazines and newspapers for his contribution to the medical communities and as his charitable endeavors.

He practices in Beverly Hills and other locations in Southern California, where he lives with his wife and children. He leads an active lifestyle, regularly playing field hockey and swimming. He enjoys gardening and hiking with his German Shepherd. His patients include other surgeons, various celebrities, as well as the rich and poor alike. His philosophy is that regardless of riches or poverty, each requires the same attention and care.

You cannot find all this information by surfing the internet- many have tried!

Many times a person feels that everything is available on the internet, so why even get a book? As we mentioned, studies by the Academy of Ophthalmology have shown that a lot of information on the internet has been been faked by content writers to fool Google searches.

This knowledge was the impetus to write the book. Many patients request genuine information from us as they were not able to find anything consistent nor reliable on the subject. We spent hours, weeks and months compiling information and experiences of actual people who underwent PIE.

How much is your time worth?

Let us presume there is information on PIE available. How much time would you require to read, research, compare the material? In the end, you may still not be sure of the outcome of your research, for you have not seen the results of actual surgeries, either as a surgeon or as a patient. Your time is money. It would be more cost effective to acquire an eye opening book for just $39.95.

You want information from the surgeon – not an internet marketer!

The most important point is that this book has been written by the person who pioneered the PIE procedure, Dr. Rajesh Khanna. He is not only the pioneer of the procedure but a surgeon as well! He brings the experience of over two decades working with this technology from the nascent stage to the current, advanced and highly predictable great outcomes.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

The Pros List

  • You get a colored informative book.
  • The book covers PIE, LASIK, PRK and other refractive procedures.
  • You are eligible for a signed copy of the book by the author.
  • You get a fun, informative video.
  • The offer includes a money back guarantee.

The Cons List

  • You will actually have to invest your time to read.
  • You may be motivated to have the PIE procedure.

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But wait….

For the Holiday Season we will give you an extra book to gift to your BFF!

  • That means you get two books.
  • You get two DVD’s.
  • Both books will be signed by the author.
  • We will even cover shipping & handling for both sets.
  • If you order now they will arrive in time for holidays.
  • The money back guarantee is still valid.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I wrote this book to give hope to thousands of people who have been told there is mno option to improve their eyesight. It shows that PIE and natural intelligence can still beat artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Also the riddle to prevent cataracts is solved and the book documents it all.

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t get all the unbiased educational information you are looking for, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund.

I personally stand by the guarantee.

Rajesh Khanna, MD

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my payment secure?

We don’t store or take your credit card. You are in a trustworthy PayPal site where you enter your PayPal or credit card information.

Can I email you with a question?

Of course. You can email us any query right from here

What if I have questions after reading the book?

You could email us any of your questions and one of our helpful counselors would be able to answer your queries on PIE technology.

Can I call if my book has not arrived?

You can call (310) 482 1240 to let us know.

Is there any other book on the subject of PIE?

There is no other book on the subject of PIE. We searched Amazon and the internet.

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