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4 Facets Comparing Vuity vs Presbyopic Implants to Make You Happy

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Vuity vs Presbyopic implants is an interesting comparison. Vuity was recently introduced to help people in their forties to be able to see near for a few hours after instillation of the eye drops. Therefore the effect is temporary. A person will have to instill drops in the eyes everyday. So they are a form of dependency like glasses. On the other hand PIE or Presbyopic Implants in the Eye are a permanent cure. One time a quick procedure and the disease is cured for life. These implants are manufactured by reputed companies like JnJ, Alcon and the like.

Efficacy of Vuity vs Presbyopic Implants

Let us look at how good these instruments to rectify reading problems are in the field. Vuity has to be purchased every month for a cost of $70 or more. Than it has to be put in each eye every day. It has to be stored in between use. When traveling it has to be taken along as its effect lasts only a few hours. If you go camping you have find away to avoid dirt going in your eyes when trying to put the drops in your eyes.

PIE overcomes all theses issues with the procedure performed in a sterile setting. After the wound is healed in 48 to 72 hours a person can go scuba diving, skiing or sky diving. Camping and traveling become more fun.

Longevity of Vuity vs Presbyopic Implants

If you stop instilling vuity eye drops the effect fades off. IF you are a busy person it may not be possible to remember everyday to put the drop in the eyes. Most people are scared of anything coming near their eyes. If you have trouble getting the drops in the eye the resultant effect may not occur.This is compounded in people who are nervous, have hand tremors poor eye hand coordination or arthritis.

Even if one was to get the drops in the effect can fade anytime. So what does a person do in the evening when trying to read a menu at a restaurant? Back to the old readers. Vuity contains pilocarpine which was FDA approved in 1971. It did not withstand the test of time as a reading agent. Presbyopic Implants came around the 80’s snd in the last decade they have soared in popularity.

PIE overcomes all these issues with a one time fix allowing vision at all distances. The vision keeps improving with time as a result of neuroadaptation. It is one of the only procedure that improves with time.

Vuity-Eye-Drops  Vuity vs Presbyopic Implants to Make You Happy

Side Effects of Efficacy of Vuity vs Presbyopic Implants

Vuity is unpopular with many patients as it gives rise to headache, brow pain. The world can appear dark and the peripheral visual field can be compromised.These can be severe. You can read more reviews here. PIE has glare and haloes in the beginning which gradually recede away.

At Khanna vision we have help[ed thousands of people with presbyopia or inability to read at near. PIE is undoubtedly highly preferred by people across all spectrum.

Cost or Investment in Vuity vs Presbyopic Implants

Vuity costs $70/per bottle now and may go up in the future. PIE can be financed through Alpheon with low monthly installments like $150 to $199 per month for 3 years or even lower when spread across 60 months. So just like Lasik ends up being cheaper PIE in the long run is a better investment.

Yes you could always try the drops first and read the book on PIE followed by a consultation with Dr.Khanna. PIE will change your life and make reading easier.

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