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PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye for Your New Spectacular Vision

PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye is a term coined by Dr. Rajesh Khanna and describes a specific procedure. PIE implies that the person undergoing the procedure will not need any readers, cheaters, contacts nor progressives.

Andrea & Brian are a happy PIE couple with this to say.
“It’s been a fantastic, instant change in our vision ! Being
able to not wear glasses and see things more clearly near
and far has been a tremendous treat. It’s having a new
freedom to seeing!”

PIE procedure begins with understanding the needs of the patient. A thorough exam utilizing advanced gadgets is performed to see if the person qualifies for PIE and if so for which kind of implant.The surgical component of Presbyopic Implant in Eye is a short procedure lasting few minutes in skilled hands. This is a no needle, no injection, no patch no stitch no pain surgery. The natural dysfunctional lens is opened like a can and the degenerated contents are pulverized and aspirated out. In the natural cavity of the lens a synthetic biocompatible Presbyopic Implant is inserted. Most patients able to return to daily life in a matter of hours. The results are guaranteed to reach 20/20. Sometimes cool lasers are used to nudge the eye along to the goal.

This procedure has evolved from Cataract and Lasik Eye Surgery but is superior to both of them. PIE guarantees outcome unlike cataract surgery. The latter is like a quarterback throwing a ball and wherever it lands is acceptable. PIE is like a Superbowl MVP throwing touchdown every time. Lasik is most appropriate for people under forty years of age whereas PIE is for people above 45. Lasik gives static vision – Distance and the youth use their eye muscles to see middle and near. PIE is performed on people who have decreased power of internal eye muscle, therefore it is programmed for distance middle and near. If Lasik is perfored on people over 45 they most likely will need some sort of glasses. Sometime Lasik is set for middle or near vision in Blend or Monovision Lasik. This is not natural vision like the binocular vision in PIE.

Pauline – “I can see great – it’s wonderful to be able
to see 20/20 near, far and middle. It’s been a great
experience and I can’t thank Dr. Khanna enough.”

Points to remember about PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye at Khanna Vision

  1. Free consultation with Dr. Khanna to determine if you are a good candidate for PIE.
  2. Dr. Khanna is the leading expert on Presbyopic Implants. He coined the term PIE (Presbyopic Implant in Eye), for patients over 45 years old, allowing them to see at any distance without glasses.
  3. Dr. Khanna is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. Dr. Rajesh Khanna is an Internationally recognized top Lasik, PIE and Refractive vision care specialist.
  4. Dr. Khanna personally meets with every patient to customize your PIE treatment. Everyone’s eyes are different, including each eye of the same person. This allows superb outcomes where patients see better than ever before.
  5. PIE can be performed after a patient has already had Lasik.
  6. PIE is a specific procedure that requires training in both cataract surgery and lasik surgery.
  7. The procedure is quick and painless. Only 7 minutes per eye and patients are back to work and regular activities the next day. 
  8. All of our equipment, lasers and the implants are FDA approved.
  9. These implants allow the eye to see near, middle, and far for the rest of your life WITHOUT glasses ever again.
  10. All inclusive cost includes exam, procedure, 12 months of follow up visits, eye drops and a touch up warranty. 

Alfred – “Ever since I can remember I have been
wearing glasses. My vision kept getting worse and worse
and then I had to switch to bifocals. When I left after my
procedure my vision was clear and the next day my
vision was already 20/20. It was amazing, the world was
in 4k! I could not be happier.”

You can learn more about Presbyopic implants and how they will benefit your life like thousands of others like you. Yes you are unique and that’s is why we spend a lot of time listening to you but here at Khanna Vision we have changed lives of similar patients like you. This easy to read book is available at Amazon (click the book) or buy at our office.

PIE or Presbyopic Implant rejuvenate eye

To schedule a personalized consult to see how this cutting edge procedure will benefit you please contact us.