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Performing Painless PIE Procedure Safely

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This wonderful lady underwent painless PIE surgery with Dr. Khanna

As you will observe in this video, she is so happy she can see within 24 hours better than she’s seen in the last 24 years. She finds it so interesting that she can return to her normal activities so quickly and drive better than ever before.

I can see and drive so well

Even more interesting is the background to this story.

She was referred to Khanna Vision Institute by a heart specialist where her sister works. She had visited another place where they were not able to win her confidence, and she had refused any advanced implants in favor for a monofocal implant. but she was unhappy with the outcome because now she couldn’t see far very clearly not to be able to read very good.

So first, we spent a lot of time in explaining to her what the problem was in arise by taking slitlamp pictures, fund us pictures, so she could see what the doctor sees in the eyes of a patient for a patient. It’s always a mystery, but when they appear into the eyes and not their head, but have they actually seen what is there’s something to worry about is going to go blind

We shared all the information and data through colorful pictures which she and her sister could easily understand then the doctor and his knowledgeable staff spent time explaining the differences in various kinds of presbyopic implants and why the one recommended Dr. khanna would work for her

The moment she realized how good it would be for her day-to-day life for the rest of her existence, her resistance to invest evaporate it she decided the money put down for the surgery would give better returns than sitting in the bank, so she and her sister came to the conclusion to go ahead

in painless procedure of approximately 10 minutes, she had presbyopic implant inserted in her right eye. An Anesthetist was present to give her medicines to keep her calm and pain-free.

Pie IOL Surgery Lens

Dr. khanna concentrated on the rise. He interacted with her at regular intervals so she was at ease and and knew where to look. Background music how far a choice was an added, diversion and had a great calming affect.

Within two hours of arrival, she was on her way back home. She reached home had a light meal and went to sleep. When she got up, she was amazed she could already see.

next morning she was amazed how well she could see. She drove herself for a follow up exam with Dr. Khanna in Westlake Village. she was so excited to see things so clearly. She realized what she had been missing, how far she could see, and how beautiful the world appeared to be.

Yet this is not the end of her journey because every year her vision is going to continue to improve for many many more decades to come

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