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Futuristic Digital Eye Exam To Blow Your Mind

  • 3 min read

Welcome to the future. Automated non contact exams with no puff of air have finally arrived. We at Khanna Vision are happy to incorporate this cutting edge technology as we find it is superior to traditional eye exams. It gives patients more flexibility in when they choose to do their exams. The entire eye is photographed and/or scanned. This data is uploaded to the cloud as part of an Electronic Medical Record. The data can then be analyzed by a specialized eye doctor in the same located as the patient or from a remote location.

It is more advantageous than a traditional doctor performed eye exam. You can choose a location closer to your home.The doctor can enlarge pictures to scrutinize them. In cases of doubtful lesions the pathology can be studied again. Or even the exam can be referred to a specialist, without physically sending the patient.

On a followup visit the changes can be analyzed by actual digital comparison and computerized artificial intelligence without relying on memory and approximations.


  1. Digital Manifest Refraction
  2. Slit Lamp photography of Cornea, Anterior chamber and Lens
  3. Retinal Fundus Picture
  4. Optional OCT, Visual Fields

Digital Manifest Refraction

Khanna Vision is offering more than one technology to achieve this. It includes idesign wavefront, Marcos, visionix whcih are technician assited. The latest artificial intelligence incorporated independant of technicians is the Chronos refraction system from Topcon.

Slit Lamp Digital Eye Exam

digital eye exam in los angeles
Tecnis Multifocal Implant Digital eye exam
virtual eye test
Pingecula Right Eye
Pingecula Right Eye

Epithelial cells in interface of Lasik flap

Retinal Fundus Picture