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Performing Painless PIE Procedure Safely

  • 3 min read

An emotional journey of a wonderful person, who decided to invest in presbyopic implant in eye. She is so amazed that the returns are so rapid.

Lasik unleashes new life for college stuent

  • 4 min read

Meet Jose, a top-performing student who struggled with poor eyesight his entire life. Find out how he overcame his fear of LASIK eye surgery and transformed his academic performance with the help of Dr. Khanna and his expertise in vision correction.

Pterygium Be Gone: Celebrating Clear Eyesight

  • 3 min read

Say goodbye to those pesky pterygiums! It’s time to celebrate clear eyesight and finally see the world in all its beauty. No more irritation, no more discomfort, just crystal-clear vision. So join us in saying “ptyer-gone!” and embrace the joy of seeing clearly.

Medical Column

  • 2 min read

Medical Columnist for the Acorn group of newspapers

Crystalens® Questions

  • 4 min read

Serving Los Angeles County, California and Surrounding Communities ​What eye conditions can be improved with Crystalens®?Presbyopia and cataracts, and sometimes near-…