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Amazing Vision with EVO Visian ICL or Implantable Collamer Lens

EVO ICL Los Angeles sports

EVO Visian ICL or Implantable Collamer Lens has finally been approved for human use in California. Dr. Khanna has been implanting ICL in patients’ eyes for over a decade. Today we’re going to discuss about the new modifications to the ICL.

The new modified ICL is called EVO. It is a recently FDA approved implantable collamer lens from STAAR Surgical, located in Monrovia, Southern California. Evo is an improvement over the ICL, which required a laser opening to be made in the colored part of the eye. The EVO ICL comes with premade opening in itself.  These implants are made from a bio compatible material which implies that the body tolerates them well. They are designed to treat myopia and astigmatism to yield the sharpest vision. With the new brilliant vision, you may never need your glasses nor contacts. Though this lens has recently entered the US refractive market you will be pleased to know that over a million of these implants have been implanted over the last decade in Canada, Europe and Asia. So they have been proven to be safe and effective especially for high nearsightedness, thin abnormal corneas and patients suffering from dry eyes who cannot undergo lasik eye surgery.

If you are seeking vision correction for nearsightedness with or without astigmatism, the EVO ICL is a flexible solution that may be right for you.

EVO Visian ICL or Implantable Collamer Lens

There are a lot of questions in people’s mind about EVO visian icl implantable collamer lens people generally ask what is EVO visian icl implantable collamer lens, and what are the benefits of vision correction through EVO visian icl implantable collamer lens. You can see some of our ICL reviews here. Some have also wondered if they would be a good candidate for EVO visian icl implantable collamer lens. With tax refund season in vogue the cost of Evo icl is on prospective patients minds. Many people want to know how good they will see through EVO visian icl implantable collamer lens. Some even wonder if they will be able to feel the EVO visian icl implantable collamer lens.We shall answer these questions here.

Finally we need to discuss who is a good candidate for EVO visian icl implantable collamer lens We cannot ignore what they can expect before EVO visian icl implantable collamer lens, during the procedure for insertion of EVO ICL  and after the surgery for EVO visian icl implantable collamer lens

Q When did FDA do Evo visian ICL review

EVO visian ICL FDA approval 2022 has brough USA on the world map

Q.Is EVO Visian ICL surgery permanent?

Yes it is meant to float over your natural lens. It does not need to be removed at night like contact lenses.

Q. What is the difference between EVO ICL and LASIK?

Evo ICL is an additive surgery that is we add something to the eye. Lasik is subtractive procedure where corneal tissue is removed.

Q. What is collamer material?

It is a very soft material made from naturally occurring collagen which is very well tolerated by human body.

EVO Visian ICL Los Angeles
EVO Visian ICL or Implantable Collamer Lens showing flow channels.

Q. What is a collamer lens?

For over last 30 years lenses made from collamer material have been well tolerated in eyes, as their chemistry is in sync with humans.

Q.Is EVO ICL surgery worth it?

Nearly every patient who has it feels that they invested thier money well.

Q.Why is ICL not used for LASIK?

They are different procedures to attain the same outcome.

Can EVO ICL correct astigmatism?

Q.Yes ofcourse. Evo can treat upto four dioptres of astigmatism. So they can even used to help those eith form fruste keratoconus or even keratoconus eye disease.

How long does ICL last?

A lifetime of vision is expected of EVO Visian ICL or Implantable Collamer Lens. Usually, they are removed when one develops cataracts.

Is SMILE better than ICL?

Evo ICL can be used even when SMILE is not an option.

What’s the difference between a phakic IOL and an ICL?

ICL is a type of phakic IOL. Today in Los Angeles ICL is the only type of Phakic IOL avialable.

Is EVO ICL painful?

Not in Dr. Khanna’s hands. We do give xanax to reduce anxiety.

Can I exercise after ICL?

Yes, wear a headband , and wait three days after surgery.

Can I swim after ICL?

Yes, as early as 72 hours after procedure.

What should I not do after ICL?

Rub your eyes

Can I cry after ICL surgery?

Great idea when you receive the bill, ha ha!

Can I wear contacts after ICL?

You will not have to.

Can I shower after ICL?

Yes or you will smell like the cab driver of “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”

Can I rub my eyes?

Avoid rubbing or getting hit in the eye.

EVO visian ICL Price?

The Evo visian icl cost in los Angeles is $5000-$6000/Eye

Summary: EVO Visian ICL or Implantable Collamer Lens

  • Delivers sharp, clear vision even if you suffer from high myopia and astigmatism.
  • Your night vision will be very nice.
  • No more contact lenses or being blind without them.
  • A short 10 minute surgery with quick recovery.
  • Can see pretty quickly.
  • It can be done if you are not a candidate for lasik eye surgery
  • Does not induce dry eyes.
  • Composed of collamer, a soft material used for last 3 decades as similar to natural occurring components of eye.
  • Very importantly, it Gives UV protection
  • Reversible if needed.

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