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Before PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye Procedure

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There are certain instructions you will need to follow before PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye Procedure. The surgeon also has to implement necessary protocols to make the sailing smooth.

Responsibilities of patients Before PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye Procedure

  1. Share all medical history, medications with the staff. Infact if on any medicines may be good to bring to the surgery center.
  2. Start Antibiotic or combo drops 1-3 days before the procedure. 3 days is a good target but even a day prior is good.
  3. Do not eat nor drink anything 8 hours prior to the procedure. This is requested so that your stomach is empty. In case there is vomiting from the medicines there should be no choking.
  4. If medicines have to be taken, please discuss with the doctor. Blood thinners like aspirin or warfarin need not be stopped prior to surgery. Usually we perform PIE procedure in early morning so medicines like thyroid and for diabetes can be deferred to after the surgery.
  5. All make up and mascara should be removed the night before.
  6. Avoid wearing tight clothes to the procedure.
  7. Do not apply highly aromatic perfumes or colognes
  8. Confirm the arrival time to the ASC or the ambulatory surgery center. It is usually an hour before the procedure.
Rejuvenateaging eyes Before PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye Procedure

If you want more details please look up the section on Before PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye Procedure in the well acclaimed book above.

Video Instructions about Before PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye Procedure

Arrival at the ASC

  1. Ensure you know where to park. At our ASC at 9001 there is paid underground parking as well as free street parking. Please read signs carefully for free parking. You can slo park free at our office building across the street after 7 AM.
  2. Please go to suite 100 and inform the person at the counter of your arrival. They will give you some consents and demographics to sign.
  3. They will also confirm you have a ride to go home. You should not drive yourself.
  4. A nurse will take you to the preoperative area.
  5. The eye to be operated would be confirmed as well as your medical and allergy history.
  6. An Iv line will be started for nutrition and safety. It is also used to deliver medications like Versed and Fentanyl to take the edge off and pain control.
  7. The anesthetist will introduce themselves and will confirm all data before making you a little sleepy.

Surgery team responsibilities before PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye Procedure

  1. Implants must be ordered and confirmed
  2. The surgery center must be aware and ready for patient arrival

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