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Fire Captain Can See Clear With Tecnis Toric Multifocal Presbyopic Implants in Eye

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Tecnis Toric Multifocal Presbyopic Implants can be used in cataract surgery to correct any refractive errors. Traditional cataract surgery involves cataract removal. It does not guarantee the outcome.

When Los Angeles refractive surgeon Dr.Khanna is helping active young people deal with their vision impairment due to cataracts, his approach is unique. He focuses on the outcome desired by the patient. That goal is carved into stone.

A plan to reach the destination is crafted by Dr.Khanna.

In this instance we have a young Los Angeles Fire Captain who endangers his life on a daily basis. He requires perfect vision as he has to save people from smoke and fire which obstruct vision. A little bit of cataract ts can further deteriorate vision in those risky situations.

It was discussed and decided to give him best possible, glasses and contacts free vision at all distances. Various choice of Presbyopia implants were considered like Synergy, Panoptix, Vivity and more.

Tecnis Toric Multifocal Presbyopic Implants

Tecnis Toric Multifocal Presbyopic Implants were finally chosen taking into account his young age (vivity may deteriorate, Need for good distance vision (Panoptix lacks this) and need to see great in low contrast situations (Restor is deficient in this) and no spider webs (seen with Symfony and Synergy). Looks like we picked the right choice.

Tecnis Toric Multifocal Presbyopic Implants

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