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Eyehance, Compared to Tecnis, Symfony

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I insert ran central to keep the confusion so easy or avoid the confusion remember PIE is an outcome based procedure and all other names are what you put in so you can put a different kinds of implant space symfony tecnis witte or the new ones I hands let’s look at Symphony orcesi hands in this video Johnson and Johnson has three products out there which help see distance and reading their techniques in technician two different models plus 2.75 + 3.25 and then you have Symphony which has also rings like technis and then you have my hands which is a modified model focal lengths all three can be used to give distance and millennia but it depends on the surgeon how well he listens to the requirements of patience and chooses the best implant So the tecnis has been the main site because it gives distance middle and near and by putting the plus 2.751 I plus 3.25 the other eye and the glare and Halos you get in 99% of the people they disappear within three to six months and in some in a year or two the problem was Symphony which came after the initial excitement was it had spiderwebbed rings which persist for long time and sometimes never go away and Symphony gives distance and middle and but not close up so it was being compensated by mini monovision of keeping the other eyelid negative like a half a .75 so it would see near middle and almost far to 20 thirty 2040 so when I would see 2020 intermediate 2020 and close up 2030 other I would see distance 20 thirty 2020 middle and 2020 reading but I ham sticks it to another level because the costs are lower but more important it doesn’t have the rates so techniques has ranged symphony’s rings I answer so as you can imagine clear in Halo are almost nonexistent just like a model focal lens and the central add which has been added gives good amount of reading so when we look at something for close our pupils becomes smaller ice converge and there is some accommodation that convergence and pupil reconstruction persists despite the ice carrot surgery or presbyopia implant surgery and it persists even impress people sets it it’s that combination which is lost so we’re trying to supplement accommodation which increases the power so enhance this is achieved by looking to the central zone which adds a power which is pretty good for reading it in arms distance and with it being in bold the eyes it gives a good outcome now we can also mix and match have techniques 2.75 in one eye and I answered the other or if you want it better close up reading you could have a 3.25 techniques in one eye which would give you distance reading the lacking amount it would have in the middle would be compensated by hands so the exciting possibilities out there make me very happy happy for my patients are going to see so great now I just want to throw in a pointer about vividly lens its New Orleans from alcohol and that tries to do similar things about giving nearby keeping mini monovision but the problem with the video lenses the material it’s based on the material which is known to degenerate in by 5 to 10 years and they’ve used this material before it restore panoptix and that’s why they’re not very popular with surgeons who’ve been a long time and operate on younger patients so those lenses would work if you’re in your late 80s or 90s but for people who are getting pressed pubic implants done in their 50s or 40s we want lenses with good track records of stability and that’s where the Johnson Johnson family of tecnis symfony and now heads come in which had been very stable if you have any questions or doubts you can also read my book rejuvenate aging eyes that’s available on Kindle unlimited and also on Amazon and men or lens fails you can call us or email us have a wonderful day

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