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November 24, 2021 in Lasik

Playing sports after lasik eye surgery is important to most active youth and adults. As lasik eye surgery has progressed to modern no pain ultrathin flap surgery it has become easier to resume sports earlier. As an active sports person I would not like to paint all sports activities with a single brush. We will therefore differentiate between various type of sports and discuss when its possible to safely to return to each.

Cardio Sports After Lasik Vision Correction

Running, walking, treadmill, precor and the like are sports that are universally done by people of all ages. The good thing is these activities are the easiest to return to after lasik. The main care is to avoid rubbing the eye if sweat drips down in to the eyes. Its a good idea to wear a headband which can act like a dam and absorb all the sweat preventing it from irritating the eye.

Following a nap after lasik you could start walking around. Medications given during painfree lasik eye surgery need to be metabolized by the body before you should start running or hit th gym. So within 24 hours you can be back to running your favorite trails wearing some protective eye gear.

Contact Sports After Lasik

Now we are talking boxing, taekwondo, karate,krav maga, wrestling and to a lesser degree football, field hockey, hockey and so. The biggest fear with these sports is the dislodging of flap. In fact many people prefer to do superlasik eye surgery.

If your modern day lasik eye surgery has been uneventful, a week after the procedure should be a good time to get your muscles and brain coordinated to defend yourself against opponents jabs and attacks.

Ball Based Sporting Activities After Laser Vision Correction

Longing to test your eyes after hitting a long range drive. You could go next day and play 9 or even 18 hole game. At Khanna Vision Institute we are proud to say that nearly everyone improves their game and lowers their score after refractive surgery with us.

Water Sports After Lasik Eye Surgery

Water can enter eye at high speeds with surfing and even swimming hence proper precautions like 2-3 weeks after procedure are required. Even than swimming goggles are safer.

Even spa and hot tub need to be deferred a week or two.

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