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Posh Soccer

The Khanna Institute of LASIK welcomes Beckham and His wife (posh spice girl) to Los angeles. We wish them the best as they settle in their Beverly hills home.






You can see Dr.Khanna spending an afternoon bowling with the La Galaxy team members. Landon Donovan and David Beckham are considered the stars of the team. Some members were hyperopic and would require hyperopic lasik eye surgery.  Los Angeles Galaxy has their home stadium in Carson. On a hot summer day in los angeles the heat can affect the vision. So Vision needs to be the best to shoot the ball in the goal. Top ranked players have been found to have amazing vision.

Los Angeles lasik eye surgery expert Rajesh Khanna, MD says that to be the best player you need to have the best vision possible. This improves brain eye hand and leg coordination. In a split second judgement this proves very beneficial.

Even if you are not residing in carson, los angeles county you can come to have a vision screening and see if we can improve your game.

by Laserman

Rajesh Khanna, MD

Ventura LASIK

Ventura LASIK

Its funny that our LASIK Institute is on the border of ventura and LA county. So we are close to cities in ventura county like Camarillo, Ventura, Oxnard and Dos Vientos
Camarillo is down the hill. Our refractive surgery centry is one of the only few around. We do LASIK, PRK, Superlasik, Intacs, Visian ICL, Restor multifocal IOL.
Our goal is to do whats best for you. Ventura lasik vision correction is certainly an option for you.

So ventura residents what are you waiting for? Did you know Ventura county lasik surgeon- Dr. Khanna has been voted favorite by readers of ventura county star for many years in a row. He has helped many people including your friends neighbors. Trust the best. Come and get a free evaluation. See if you like him and can place your faith in one of the top experts in the field of lasik eye surgery. Ventura lasik eye surgery has never been so affordable.

Eye doc does LASIK on Iris

Eye doc does LASIK on Iris



Iris from Beverly hills 90210 was ecastic after receiving youthful vision at the Khanna Insitute adjacent to malibu.Stephanie Beacham has starred as the Superbitch. Malibu actresses are beautiful and best in their field. So when they need lasik eye surgery they look for the top expert in the field.

Stephanie Beacham found the top los angeles lasik eye surgeon and scheduled her exam. She never let him know she was a top actress.


Of course our readers will recognize her right away.

Her list of achievement include The bold and Beautiful (the entire list crashed this site)

Here you can see her looking with her soulful eyes at Marlon Brando!

We wish her the best as she leaves for a season of theatre in England

Rajesh Khanna, MD

Q104.7 comes to KHANNA Institute

Nancy Rodriguez, Radio Talk show host with her LASIK surgeon

Like to Move it

gJtb1QgAre these movin?Is this how the world moves?Or as Richard Gere would ask- whats the sound of one hand clapping? Perceptions are not true always. Many folks in los angeles think all lasik eye surgery is the same. This is not entirely correct. In any field there will always be the best. The people at the top reach there through attention to detail.

Khanna lasik eye surgery has been deemed to be superior lasik eye surgery by residents of los angeles county. Come check us out.

$499 Russian Roulette


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Mt. Everest and LASIK


Mt. everest and Lasik –

An interesting episode showing advantages of lasik eye surgery.

A DAREDEVIL 29,000ft hike to the summit of Mount Everest by a group of climbers who had all undergone Lasik surgery indicates that the procedure is safe for those pursuing adventure in the most extreme conditions.

Six climbers who underwent Lasik embark on 29,000ft hike to the summit of Mt Everest to examine the effects of hypobaric hypoxia on the cornea.
The extraordinary climb was organised by ophthalmologists Geoff Tabin MD and Jason Dimming MD, who are also mountaineers. It is one of the few studies to look at the effects of hypobaric hypoxia on the cornea following Lasik and the only one examining the phenomenon at such altitude.
Climbers preparing to scale Everest must undergo a lengthy period of acclimatisation at altitude, which includes spending at least one month at base camp altitude of 17,600ft, as well as repeated visits to higher camps at 20,000ft and above.

After acclimatisation, an attempt at the summit typically involves one night each at 20,000ft, 21,300ft, 24,000ft and 26,400ft, before the final push to 29,028ft.
The mountaineering ophthalmologists monitored the visual acuity of 12 eyes of six climbers in the expedition. They obtained refractions at sea level before and after the climb and at the 17,600ft base camp before and after the climbers attempted the summit.
They measured intraocular pressures at base camp using a portable tonometer and tracked the climbers’ subjective visual experiences at higher altitudes.

“Such extended time at and above 17,600ft provided an excellent model to study the effects of hypobaric hypoxia on the cornea after Lasik,” noted Dr Tabin, who in 1988 became the first ophthalmologist to reach the top of Everest.
All the climbers in the expedition reached 26,000ft, with four who had bilateral Lasik reaching the summit. All used supplemental oxygen above 26,400ft.
Five of the six climbers reported no subjective visual changes at up 26,400ft. One team member reported some blurring of vision above 16,000ft and two climbers reported similar problems above 27,000ft.

Three of the four who reached the summit reported no visual changes at the peak. One climber who reached the top reported some transient blurring. In each case the blurring improved with the subsequent descent and the use of lubricating drops.
One climber who reached the summit reported a milky haze above 28,500ft but this disappeared on descent. He noted that the haziness was not accompanied by any myopic shift, an effect reported by a climber who climbed Aconcagua in Argentina after undergoing Lasik.

Another climber turned around at 27,500ft when he developed a similar problem. He described his blurred vision as “like looking through waxed paper”. His vision returned to normal with 36 hours after descending to a lower altitude. All of the eyes returned to pre-climb visual acuity when the climbers returned to base camp.
One adventurer, who had attempted Everest previously while wearing glasses, experienced decreased visual acuity (to 20/30) at the summit. He noted: “All in all, the advantage of not having glasses on Everest far outweighed any loss of visual acuity I had on the mountain.”

“Having Lasik was the best training for Everest I’ve ever done. The view from the top was the best I’ve ever had,” said another climber, Peter Athans MD, who reached the summit without difficulty. He had previously climbed to the summit of Everest six times, the most ascents by any non Sherpa climber, while wearing contact lenses.
Dr Tabin suspects that the problems encountered by climbers who experienced difficulties were surface-related. Those who climbed to 27,000ft and above in particular may have experienced corneal oedema or corneal surface changes associated with dry eye induced by oxygen flow from the facemask. Even at the lower altitudes, he believes dry eye may have been associated with the visual changes.

“Dry eye may be biggest concern with Lasik in extreme conditions. Climbing at altitude is very dry and there can be a lot of wind. Any climber who has undergone Lasik needs to be evaluated for dry eye and to be maximally treated prior to going. They should also be advised to bring appropriate drops on the expedition,” Dr Tabin told EuroTimes.
The amount of time elapsed after surgery did not appear to predict complications. The climbers had undergone Lasik anywhere from six weeks to three years prior to the expedition.

One of the climbers who had minor problems at the highest altitudes had undergone Lasik only three months prior to the hike, while the other underwent surgery three years previously. Similarly, two climbers who reached the summit without encountering any problems underwent surgeries at six weeks and three months earlier respectively.

The above article is an excerpt from the Eurotimes.

This shows safety of lasik eye surgery at high altitudes and low oxygen levels. Imagine, doing this tough climb with contact lenses or glasses. What if the glasses were to fog up, constantly? or if they fell off. Or if the climber had been wearing contact lenses. There  could be  a situation where the contact lenses froze or fell off. If you want to be at the top of a hill consider lasik vision correction with a top notch lasik eye surgeon

by Rajesh Khanna, MD

Beverly Hills Lasik Eye  Expert

Los Angeles County

Conejo Valley Lasik for Golf

Sports and LASIK in the Conejo Valley

Conejo Valley Lasik for Golf

Living in the Conejo Valley, with the beautiful beaches nearby and the fantastic warm weather that surrounds us, outdoor activities and sports are a way of life. Whether it’s surfing, tennis, basketball, baseball, boxing, golf or even racing cars, LASIK vision correction can impact the outcome of all these activities.

Dr. Khanna’s patients especially note the difference it has had on their lives. Depending on your lifestyle Dr. Khanna and you the patient can coincide and create a plan that best suits whatever lifestyle you might have. Golfers from Thousand Oaks are often noted as saying how clear the ball is and how crisp and distinct it is from the grass. Sometimes blended lasik vision correction is the answer. Than you can see the ball with one eye and the flag with the other.

Surfers in Malibu can now jump right in without worrying about the hassle of contact lenses or glasses, and even baseball and basketball players say how sharp and clear things are while they’re playing. What wight he drought in the state of California. A lot of people are suffering from dry eyes. In these situations contact lens can feel gritty and uncomfortable.

So go ahead pick up the phone to begin the process to improve your game and vision and call Dr. Khanna’s office. Conejo Valley Lasik for Golf players will make the game more enjoyable.


So visit the office or the website

lasik nearby california

Evolution of myopia or nearsightedness

Evolution of nearsightedness


In the beginning there was no Lasik. And there were very few people with nearsightedness (myopia for Latin enthusiasts). Why? The answer is simple to believers of Darwin. The dinosaurs ate the people who could not see them. Ouch. May have been good to be farsighted (hmm..). That is why the majority of earths population is such.(I have no idea about the refractive status of the aliens amongst us. And no person survived to reach the age of presbyopia. That is why the refractive surgery business was not very popular in those days.

A myopic fellow by the name of Kurneah was socked by a friendly dino named Retina. He yelped in pain aei, iee, iea,eye! To overcome pain he probably applied an ice pack(he forgot to apply for a patent). Lo and behold he could suddenly see clearer. Those were the humble origins of Luxotica (and better 1 0r 2). Other methods of treatment were –activating the third eye, looking at the sun(where was FDA when needed?)

Some say LASIK surgeons invented the eyes. Otherwise why the need for friends of starfish, plants, and hydra to suddenly see anemone. Well I say definitely this was not the case. If we had invented eyes we would all have had 32 like the livelihood of the dentists, (No flossing-just polishing them all would be enough)

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