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The Lasik Process

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Is Lasik Right For Me?

Since we are a comprehensive eye clinic, we focus on our patient’s total eye health and only offer the best technology. While other places will bring in patients with unrealistically low prices offering older, lasik techniques and technology – we are dedicated to offering only the best for all laser refractive solutions.

Rajesh Khanna MD
Rajesh Khanna MD

You may have seen Dr. Rajesh Khanna featured in multiple articles, on television or even heard him on the radio. He firmly believes that eyesight is such a delicate field in which each eye is as unique as a fingerprint, therefore the approach to treat each eye must be careful, precise and taken with a delicate touch. Dr. Khanna is a compassionate listener that prides himself on putting his patients needs and concerns at the forefront of every appointment.

Free consult for lasik eye surgery
Free consult for lasik eye surgery

Laser vision surgeries reshape the clear front part of the eye, the cornea. This allows light traveling through it to focus properly on the retina at the back of the eye. LASIK and other laser vision surgeries are performed at Khanna Vision Institute in our Westlake Village and Beverly Hills locations. After your initial examination and consultation, Dr. Khanna will recommend the right procedure for you.


At Khanna Vision Institute, we offer only the best!

iDesign Lasik for Astigmatism    

Allegretto 500 Ultrafast Laser       

No-cut Lasik        



Step 1.     Consultation

We offer your initial consultation free of charge because we want you to completely understand your goals, answer any questions you may have, tour the facility and meet the team of eye experts that will facilitate your experience.

Step 2.     Exam

We are a full service vision institute and provide the following testing to begin your journey into perfect sight. This allows us to ensure precise measurements for maximized accuracy. The exam includes all of these extensive measurements:

  1. Lensometry
  2. Autorefraction
  3. Uncorrected vision and best corrected vision
  4. Manual refraction
  5. Cycloplegic refraction
  6. iDesign treatment measurements
  7. Eye dominance test
  8. Full slit lamp exam, including cornea exam and ruling out cataracts
  9. Fundus exam
  10. OCT scan of the Optic Nerve, Macula and Cornea
  11. Color corneal topography

Step 3.     Pre-Operative Exam and Consents

At Khanna vision Institute, we want to make sure you are fully informed and comfortable with clear instructions to ease any fear you may have.


Step 4.     Procedure

The procedure itself last only a few minutes and it painless. We communicate with you each step of the way and even provide music to ensure your experience is a joyful one.

Step 5.     Post Op Exam

Welcome to your new sight! You will be given another vision test for comparison and to ensure the healing process is going smoothly.

Step 6.     Live your best life!

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