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Post-Lasik: Boost Golf, Swimming, Snowboarding, Snorkeling & Martial Arts

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Are you ready to have the best time of your life?

Eye, brain and hand coordination is enhanced by Lasik eye surgery. This improvement allows people to boost their sports performance.

Khanna Lasik will transform your life

Welcome to Your New Exciting Life

Live on the edge while feeling comfortable!

Beautiful surfer girl on surfboard. Woman in ocean during surfing. Surfer and wave. lasik icl
ice hockey good vision idesign bladeless lasik eye surgery

iDesign Lasik

Kick astigmatism in the gut with precise, computer controlled, iDesign Lasik eye surgery. The sharp turns will be more visible and jumps more fun.

No cut Superlasik

Hey, hey, hey!

If thin or abnormally shaped corneas have held you back from Lasik, no cut Superlasik can have you surfing in a week! S for surfing. S for safer.  S for Superlasik.

Bladeless IntraLasik

Fear of having sharp objects near your eyes? Has your contacts falling off during hockey or football games? Bladeless femtosecond Intralase laser Lasik or Intralasik is here. 


Virtual or Live Lasik Consult!

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hassle free swimming

Remember the time you jumped into the pool with your contacts on, only to loose them. Glasses fog the moment it rains or you go swimming. When you take them off you feel a sense of helplessness. That will all change with Los Angeles’ Best Lasik Surgeon. A few minutes with him and his superior lasers will give you new vision.

Allegretto All Laser Lasikfly upside down

I love the rush of hanging upside down. Poor vision made it almost dangerous and I could not anticipate the edges. After Allegretto Lasik eye surgery corrected my hyperopia, I can see so well. I now realize what I was missing! It has improved my performance and my confidence.

Thin Cornea Visx Epilasikjust soak it all

Worry about getting splashed in the eyes with your contacts takes all the fun out of lounging by the pool. Or going to the beach with glasses and constantly squinting because you can’t wear sunglasses. Epilasik can change all that! Lose the contacts and glasses and enjoy those pool side parties and beach BBQ’s.

Khanna Lasik

Performed by Board Certified, Rajesh Khanna, MD – he has improved the lives of thousands of people by bestowing amazing vision.  Dr. Khanna has done Lasik on his son, mom , staff members, doctors and celebrities. An avid listener and a caring physician, he uses the latest, safest technology to accurately measure and deliver treatment through the most advanced lasers. Safety first!


Martial Arts & Glasses don’t gel!

taekwondo is safer after lasik

Glasses and martial arts do not mix. Your freedom to move around is very restricted when you have to worry about glasses falling off or getting hit in the face. Epilasik is able to give you that freedom back! A quick, simple surgery and you’ll be back to punching and kicking with more freedom than you could have ever imagined!

Lasik eye surgery underwater brilliant

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