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Good Lasik Vision Prevents Accidents

  • 3 min read

John regained clear vision for motorcycle rides via idesign Lasik at Khanna Vision Institute. A story of a young entrepreneur.

I wish I could see my mothers face

  • 3 min read

Transform your vision like Brawley. Expert care at Khanna Vision Institute in Arcadia, CA. Life-changing results.

Wrestle and Vanquish Keratoconus Eye Disease

  • 4 min read

Discover why young athletes with keratoconus eye disease did not change an athletes desire to be a professional wrestling in Los Angeles. Learn more from Dr. Rajesh Khanna.

How does lasik eye surgery work?

  • 9 min read

Looking to reduce your dependence on glasses or contacts? LASIK eye surgery may be the solution. Learn how this procedure works step-by-step and more here.