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SMILE Laser Eye Surgery – Prepration Precautions Care

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Most common FAQ SMILE Laser Eye Surgery are presented here

SMILE is a short form for small lenticular extraction. It is also referred as RELEX. It is the latest procedure to reshape the cornea to cure nearsightedness and even astigmatism.

Before SMILE laser Eye Surgery

Its very important that it is established that SMILE is safe for your eyes. That is why you need to choose a cornea trained SMILE surgeon. This doctor will analyze the shape and thickness of cornea and make sure the treatment will be safe with a residual bed of at least 250 microns


Avoid wearing hard contacts for 3 or more weeks. Soft contact lens should be off for a week or longer based on instructions from the doctor. Stop mascara and eye make up a day or two before and wipe out residual the night before.

Steps of SMILE Visumax Laser Surgery

  1. Relaxing medicine by mouth. Numbing drops in the eye.
  2. Cleaning the eye with Betadine.
  3. In Laser room positioning under the visumax laser.
  4. The patient looks at a green blinking light.
  5. The laser fashions a disc and than a 4 mm opening in the cornea
  6. Surgeon removes the disc and washes out the interface.
  7. Antibiotic and steroid drops instilled.

After SMILE laser Procedure

Avoid touching the eye. Instill drops as directed. Do not use spas or swim in sea or pool.

FAQ reg SMILE Lasik Surgery

How much does SMILE eye surgery cost?

The cost is similiar to lasik eye surgery.

Is SMILE as effective as LASIK?

Yes, it gives as great results.

How Long does it take to perform SMILE?

Just 30 seconds!

How long does SMILE eye last?

With correction patient selection the results should last almost a lifetime.

How long does it take to recover from SMILE eye surgery?

A few days. Each person varies. Some are

Is Visumax Laser the only one to perform smile ?

Yes it is the only FDA approved laser in the United States to be able to perform SMILE as of June 2022