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How to fix Astigmatism

Is Your Astigmatism Bothering you?

Do you or someone you know suffer from headaches, eyestrain, squinting, and distorted or blurred vision? If so, you may suffer from astigmatism, but do not fret! Astigmatism is not a disease it is merely a refractive error, caused by an irregularly shaped cornea which hinders how your eye absorbs light. Lucky for you, in this day and age there are many ways on how to fix astigmatism! You will find three of these ways listed below.

How to fix Astigmatism in the 21st century

One way to fix astigmatism is through a procedure called Customvue Wavefront Laser Vision Correction, or Lasik eye surgery. Through Lasik eye surgery, we are able to reshape the cornea, which in turn decreases or completely eliminates the refractive error of the eye, aka the astigmatism.

Another way is through Limbal Relaxing Incisions, or LRI. In LRI, small incisions are made at opposite ends of the cornea. Once the incisions heal the cornea becomes more spherical in shape and helps to reduce or eliminate astigmatism.

The last way we are going to cover is through the use of Toric Implantable Lenses.  These are premium intraocular lenses that correct not only astigmatism, but also near and farsightedness.  These lenses are able to correct astigmatism, because they have different powers in different meridians of the lens. The surgeon is able to adjust the orientation of the lens inside the eye by using the alignment markings on the peripheral lens, optimizing astigmatism correction.

How to fix astigmatism

If you believe you may be suffering from astigmatism, help is here. There is no need to suffer any longer! Through Customvue Wavefront Laser Vision Correction, Limbal Relaxing Incisions, and Toric Implantable Lens, there are plenty of ways to fix astigmatism.

A consultation with an expert in astigmatism correction will be beneficial to you. Feel free to contact us and we may even be able to offer you a free screening visit. Call Now 310 482 1240

Dr Rajesh Khanna

Dr Rajesh Khanna is an accomplished lasik eye surgeon based in Beverly Hills. Many people travel hundreds of miles to come and have their vision improved by this los Angeles laser eye surgeon.Lets us look at the qualities which attract thousands of patients to this magnificent eye MD.

Dr Rajesh Khanna

Training of Dr Rajesh Khanna:

Dr Khanna received his training from the top medical institutions. He was amongst the top in his class. He was the President and valedectorian  at his high school. HE skipped college to enter medical school. He did his first ophthalmic residency in King Edward Memorial Hospital. This was followed by another residency in SUNY Downstate Brooklyn.

Experience of Dr Rajesh Khanna:

Dr.K as he is often  referred to, has helped thousands of people improve their sight. He has been operating on eyes since 1990. Yes! He implanted his first multifocal lens in 1992. He treats patients like family. So he had no hesitation in operation on his mom and son.

Fellowships: Dr Rajesh Khanna has done specialized training in Corneal and Lasik Eye Surgery. This was followed by training in neuropththalmology. This unique training allows him to have a unique perspective of refractive surgery an vision.

Certifications: Where should we start. This cutting edge doc keeps receiving new certifications every few months. He is certified on numerous lasers – Summit, Visx, Nidek, Ladarvision, Allegretto, Lensx and Catalys.

Sportsman: An avid swimmer and hiker. He is best known for being a goal scorer in field hockey

Philanthropist: Helping the less fortunate in our community  is  his passion.

Radio Host: This wonderful doc has hosted talk shows in English and Spanish

Author: The contact Lens Manual, The Miracle of Pi in Eye,

Newspaper Columnist: Every month people await his column Aye Eye Doc.

Developer of top rated apps : #1 app on Keratoconus on google play store.

Call his office at 805 230 2126 now!