Meet the Eye Doctor – Rajesh Khanna, MD

Voted one of the Best Lasik Surgeons in Los Angeles

Meet the Eye Doctor of Beverly Hills
Meet the Eye Doctor performing wavefront

Lets get to meet the eye doctor and know more about Beverly Hills Ophthalmologist, voted as one of the best Lasik surgeons by readers of Los Angeles Daily news.

Dr. Khanna specializes in iDesign Lasik Eye surgery, No cut Superlasik and ICL or Implantable collamer lens. He is considered a pioneer in reversing presbyopia. He has authored the authoritative bestseller ” The miracle of Pi in Eye”. He employs various accomodative and multifocal implantable lenses like Symfony, Tecnis, Restor and Crystalens to deliver desired lens. Rajesh Khanna, MD is cornea trained physician. He is an expert in Keratoconus treatments including FDA approved Avedro cornea cross linking and laser assisted Intacs. He also performs DSEK, DMEK , DALK which are newer variations of Corneal Transplant.

He understands your needs and goals. He considers your age and lifestyle. Than he devises a personalized vision plan for you.

Some of the reasons thousands of people have trusted him with their eyes are:

Good bedside Manners: A lasik surgeon is going to perform one of the most delicate operations. The procedure begins with a welcome smile. Dr. Khanna eases your worries with his charming smile. The staff ensure everything is clean.

Avid Listener: One cannot solve a problem if they are unaware what it is. That is why Beverly Hills Doctor Khanna does not let computers come in the way. He listens to you. He want to help you see better. Be it nearsightedness or presbyopia

Compassionate: Every person is unique. Their problems are specific. What may bother one person may seem trivial to another. Dr. Raj has lot of empathy.

Result Oriented: The results are more important than just doing the procedure. The doc and his staff taker care to write down your goals and go over them. They even give you a copy of the Lasik/Presbyopic Implant plan.

Highly Skilled: All roads lead to skill. Good conversations. Caring. Hands that don’t shake. Delicate painfree procedures.

Well trained: Trained at the Best Universities in America

Board Certified: by American Board of Ophthalmology.

Experienced : Over two decades of experience in eye surgery – Lasik, cataracts, presbyopic implants in eye, Keratoconus.

Beverly Hills Lasik Surgeon:Procedures at the famed Specialty surgical center 9001 Wilshire Beverly Hills

Advanced laser technology: The latest Cataract lasers -lensx, catalys. Lasik with allegretto 500, intralase all laser lasik.

Voluntary Clinical Instructor at Jules Stein UCLA

I design lasik surgeon: The most advanced wavefront lasik in USA

All Laser lasik : femtosecond like intralase to design the lasik flaps.

Laser Cataract surgeon: Catalys and Lensx laser to chop those dense cataracts using lower phako energy.

ORA analyzer: Measure power for intraocular lens in real time.

5 star yelp reviews

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​Dr. Khanna has changed my life - this is literally the best thing I've ever done.

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Hundreds of you tube testimonials

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​Multiple written recommendations from past patients: ​Before there was social media people use to pen their feelings. Yes, they grabbed a pen and wrote on paper. Some still prefer to that. You will read hundreds of written testimonials when you come to visit our office in Beverly Hills or Westlake Village.​​​

​Had courage to operate on Mom, wife son! ​When a doctor treats his cataract and  lasik patients​​​ like family operating on real family becomes easier. Dr. Rajesh Khanna will bring the same love and affection to you.

Los Angeles Locations - Beverly Hills  Westlake Village: ​Two convenient Lasik Centers delivering the best in technology.​​​​​​

Author and Educator: ​Over 40,000 people have read and benefitted from his educational books.​​​

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Inventor and Consultant


More about the Beverly Hills Eye Doc

Charity work - Impact , Oaks Christian, On Board of Non Profit

Swimming, Field Hockey, Yoga, Hiking with German Shepherd  - Occasional Golf,tennis and Swim

Married with 2 children


Different types of eye doctors

Opticians: A certified individual to dispense glasses and contact lenses

Optometrists: Generate prescription for glasses. Investigate eye disorders.

Ophthalmologists: Medical doctors trained in diseases and surgery of the eye. Also called an Eye MD

Refractive Surgeon: An Ophtahlmologist who has trained in procedures to free people from glasses.

DR. Khanna is a refractive surgeon

He is Board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. He is also a certified Master of Surgery by University of Bombay. Dr. Rajesh Khanna is an Internationally recognized top LASIK and refractive vision care specialist. Dr. Khanna performs the safest and most technologically advanced methods of refractive laser surgery, including the ultra precise Wavefront, 3D ActiveTrak and Variable Spot Scanning used to correct near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatisms. He performs the entire gamut of refractive surgery. That means when you go to meet him seeking improvement in your vision, you maybe offered a variety of choices.

Dr. Khanna specializes in a painless, eye friendly cataract surgery that utilizes an ultra-small incision (less than 1mm) to minimize risk, discomfort and to improve the healing process. He has pioneered the use of music to alleviate pain during surgery. He is researching and working with famous Hollywood musicians to compose special tunes to decrease anxiety during eye surgery.

Meet the eye doctor and Los Angeles Lasik Eye Surgeon