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Happy Los Angeles LASIK patient


 Happy Los Angeles LASIK patient


corbin bl
Posted by PicasaA happy patient from Los Angeles thanks Dr. Khanna for the wonderful vision after LASIK. Happy los angeles lasik person. from High school musical to broadway,
you can find stars every where. It is difficult to find a humble actor who is one of the best in his field. This top hollywood actor is down to earth. His dad is equally a wonderful guy.
Both were very happy with the outcome of khanna lasik on his pretty eyes. Do you also want to become a happy Los Angeles LASIK patient? Its easy if you qualify for the procedure.
You may want to take a simple lasik qualification test.
These snippets of information brought to you
by Rajesh Khanna, MD


Intralase is a femtosecond laser which can be used to fashion a lasik flap. It is computer controlled, though a competent surgeon is still essential. The flaps can be visualized while being fashioned on a computer monitor.The newer faster Intralase gives better flaps with less side effects. We have an intralase in our Beverly Hills office where we can perform an all laser lasik.

ikhanna or ikhana

Beverly Hills lasik doctor has come up with a new website to celebrate the inculcation of ilasik in to the practice. This website has been aptly named
Ikhana is a Native American Choctaw word meaning intelligence, conscious or aware.
Well, that sort of describes the philosophy of Dr.Khanna. He always wants to be aware of the patients needs, be conscious of their desires and use his intelligence and skills to achieve the desired goals.

Post LASIK Presbyopia

Q. I slip in a reading lens most days in one eye but prefer it out if doing reading for a day. How do you avoid leaving me with that slight negative one gets of a reading lens in one eye?
A.The eye is like a camera. To focus at different distances one needs to change the focal length of the system. In childhood and youth (those wonderful years) the lens is able to achieve this by changing its shape. The lens is made of the similar material as our hair.From the time we are in the womb, lens material gets added every year. Therefore the lens becomes thicker and more rigid and unable to change its shape and hence the focal length. When our hair grows longer we cut it off. Unfortunately no one gave the lens a shave: that is till now when your’s truly will play the role of a barber and shave of the lens using pressure waves;) The non working lens will be replaced by either an accommodating lens or a multifocal lens. These lenses have more than one focal distance allowing one to see far and near.They are made of bio compatible material like acrylic or silicone.

Currently you are using a contact lens to change the focal length. Of course that has its own risks and hassle. Instead an intraocular lens will achieve this. This is NOT like a multifocal contact lens.

Lasik just changes the shape of the cornea and still has only one focal length, whereas PRELEX has more than one focal length

Beware Beware His Flashing Eyes

Beware Beware His Flashing Eyes, His floating Hair*
I am feeling very happy and excited for my boy Corbin. His movie Freestyle (bikes & babe) comes out this Please go watch it. On a personal front he is a well mannered great guy, loves kids and always smiling.

*(from the poem Kubla khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Exciting Times

These are exciting times, strenuous, economically difficult, challenging health reforms- but still exciting in terms of vision enhancement.
Everyone can finally improve their vision and get rid of glasses which have been compared to crutches.
Yeah one can autograph the crutch and make it glamorous.
When blind can see again is the most exciting moment.
I restored vision in a blind eye. She and her mother were crying with joy. Her sister in Oregon, who is a family physician was amazed. After 50 odd years of not seeing out of that eye, light entered and traveled to the brain. The doc said the books have written its not possible.
That’s what we are doing- changing the books one page at a time.
thats why the times are so exciting.

Ilegal in Blue

Illegal in blue actor has restored her vision


Michele lilley known for A Nightmare on Elm Street 6: The Dream Lover / Storyville / Illegal in Blue just had the most amazing experience.

But than she started having trouble reading scripts for movies. And her passion for designing spectacular keys rated the best in the industry started to suffer.

Her brother introduced her to Rajesh Khanna, MD of Beverly Hills, who has been voted the best vision correction expert.
she can see far and even read without her glasses.

As a mark of her happiness she gave Dr.khanna the keys to ….
what are the keys for? take a look and see


How can see so good? Pi in Eye procedure with Dr. Khanna at valencia was the answer. Now she can see everything. Read her scripts, design jewelry and keys, drive to her auditions. Yes computers and smart phones are  also in her range of vision.

Of course you can see him in Beverly Hills or Westlake Village too.
Restor you vision

By Rajesh Khanna, MD

Los angeles laser cataract and Pi in Eye SUrgeon

Maiara Walsh- White House

A pretty girl with connections to the white house still needs pretty good vision.