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Lasik – The Shining Light

  • 1 min read

In a world where glasses frame our sight, Where contact lenses rest at night, A beacon shines, a wondrous light, LASIK, the solution that takes flight.

With laser beams so sharp and bright, A surgeon sculpts with pure delight, Reshaping corneas, left and right, Bestowing vision clear and bright.

No more struggles or endless plight, To see the world, what a delight! A life unburdened, free and light, Oh, LASIK, you’re our shining knight.

Fear not the process, swift and slight, In skilled hands, our trust ignites, With every pulse, each gentle strike, The shackles of our blur take flight.

So sing we now, with joy and might, Of LASIK’s gift, a second sight, No longer bound by lenses’ fight, We dance and revel in the light

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