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Refractive surgery faq or frequently asked questions

Refractive Surgery faq or Frequently Asked Questions

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Refractive surgery faq have provided people seeking vision correction surgery with answers. No one really likes anything coming near their eyes. So fear is an important component when considering refractive surgery. Even though each eye is unique, most fears are common and an evolutionary hangover. Reading answers to questions posed by previous patients is like having a cheat sheet or cliff notes in ones hands. We have divided Refractive surgery faq or frequently asked questions into groups based on procedures.

Refractive surgery faq by Group Black

Refractive surgery faq by Group Black

Refractive surgery faq

Here are listed questions about lasik eye surgery.

In this group we have questions about Restor implant used for Prelex or Pi in Eye.

This set answers questions about crystalens, most commonly used after radial keratotomy.

A popular lens between 2007 to 2011

When lasik eye surgery is not a choice, we turn to superlasik. How is it different than lasik and who may benefit will be discussed here.

Questions related to other options  in refractive surgery

“Thanks for making my Lasik surgery a success and also a great experience. Everyone was kind, friendly, and informative.”

– Kevin Spence (Kickboxer)
Rajesh Khanna, MD
Refractive Surgery Expert.
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