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“Understanding the Average Cost of Lasik Eye Surgery in 2023 in Los Angeles: Factors that Affect Price”

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The Range of Average Cost of Lasik Eye Surgery in 2023 in Los Angeles: Price Varies from $2499/eye to $3499/eye.

Each of these ten points can allow the Lasik costs to fluctuate. The old adage, you get what you pay for, applies here. You need to be knowledgeable enough to sift through the marketing hype and bait and switch offers. If you really care for your vision, you must be prepared to do some research. By reading below, you will find guidelines to help you know what to look for before trusting your eyes to any Lasik eye center in Los Angeles.

  1. Exams to determine the candidacy for Lasik
  2. FDA approved laser
  3. Laser surgery center fees
  4. Fees of Lasik eye surgeon
  5. Access to the Lasik eye surgeon
  6. Follow up exams
  7. Costs for management of dry eye as well as other expected, and unexpected, eye issues/complications
  8. Enhancement costs
  9. Finance fees
  10. Discounts

The cost of Lasik eye surgery in Los Angeles is so confusing to people. Why is there such a range in the cost of Lasik eye surgery? In a free market economy, the consumer decides what he is willing to pay for a commodity or a service. Cars can cost as little as $10,000 to over $1000,000. Haircuts can range from $9 to $2000. LASIK is a combination of both a product and service. You, as a consumer need to understand the range. Let’s read on:

1. Exams to determine if you are a candidate for Lasik

An experienced Lasik surgeon should decide if the procedure is safe for you. In some offices this important task is offered as a free consultation. Patients need to be sure to have the actual Lasik eye surgeon see them during the consultation to determine if they are a good candidate. The technician may be the one that does the screening tests, but the Lasik surgeon needs to be the one to review the results.

2. FDA approval status of the laser

 The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) was put in place to safeguard the American consumer. Leaving the research and analysis of newer machines to patients could be dangerous. They may get swayed by marketing from companies or doctors with vested interests. So FDA layed a path of clinical studies to be performed in the US before getting the coveted FDA approval. Needless to say, if you participate in studies, costs may be lowered but the safety aspect could be compromised

3. Laser surgery center fees 

Location, Location, Location. Yes, that applies to laser eye centers too. For a Lasik eye center in Los Angeles, real estate is going to be cheaper in Riverside than in Beverly Hills. In Westlake Village, the salaries of the trained, certified staff will be higher than in San Bernardino. Constantly maintaining the lasers to the standards of the manufacturers under the watchful eyes of trained engineers also adds to the charge.

4. Lasik eye surgeon fees

The price of  Lasik eye surgery is greatly affected by the experience and skill of the Lasik surgeon. Lasik surgeons fresh out of training will have less experience and charge less. Skilled surgeons have performed thousands of laser eye surgeries and therefore have the experience to guarantee results and charge more. Board certification by the American Board of Ophthalmology and memberships in prestigious Lasik and refractive societies add to the experience and the cost as well. Experience over multiple laser platforms and years of experience performing different types of Lasik enhance the fees. Consumer confidence by winning People’s Choice awards or Readers awards is a reflection of patient satisfaction.

5. Access to your Lasik eye surgeon

Lasik surgeons working for low-cost, corporate firms only perform the task of touching your eyes with instruments They do not have time to allay your fears before the surgery, discuss options not provided by the corporation, nor do they follow-up your results after the Lasik eye surgery. (Be wary of high proceed assembly line Lasik centers too). Personalized service, with access to your Lasik surgeon via direct cell phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or Hangout is the best investment. This is your insurance when you are on a business trip or enjoying snorkeling after Lasik eye surgery.

6. Follow up exam charges

If you prefer the safety of early detection and management of any problems that may occur, then you would not mind the extra cost of being seen by the surgeon himself for your follow ups. Charges may be less if you see a optical doctor instead of the surgeon.

7. Costs for the management of dry eye and other expected, as well as unexpected, eye issues/complications

Dry eyes are a known side effect of Lasik eye surgery, especially in the age group above 40. Various treatment modalities include eye drops, lubricant eye ointment, medicated drops and punctal occluders. Wise Lasik surgeons anticipate these untoward side effects and include the cost of management, such as punctal occluders, in the total charge to the patient. Low cost centers as a norm, bill the patients separately for this management. Let’s consider another important factor. Some inexperienced Lasik surgeons charge less, but when faced with a problem they are considerate enough to discuss the problem with you and refer you to a corneal specialist. You will be required to pay for the corneal specialist’s time and efforts. It may be a good decision to choose a fellowship trained corneal surgeon to perform your laser vision correction.

8. Enhancement/Fine Tuning Costs

Paying for future fine tunings or enhancements is an insurance. Even though the need for enhancement in a good surgeon’s hands is less than 5 %, others may have a 10% higher rate of needing enhancement. Some practices cover these modifications up to 2-3 months after the surgery. Most cover for up to a year, but some cover for a lifetime. A Lasik practice with a refractive surgeon may even apply the cost of Lasik towards a future surgery required, for example Pi in Eye. This shows confidence in the Lasik/refractive surgeon’s abilities, and allows him to put his money where his mouth is.

9. Finance Fees

Everything has a cost, including financing your eye surgery. All health care financing companies charge for this wonderful option. Some laser eye centers may include this in the cost of the surgery, others may pass it on to you. These fees maybe up to 15 % of the cost of surgery. Final pricing of Lasik eye surgery will vary.

10. Discounts

Certain insurances may have negotiated special rates for Lasik surgery. These rates are supposed to be discounted from the full price. If the above 9 features are offered as a cash price, but the center removes 2 to 3 features in the discounted version you are being misled. VSP insurance may help you get a discount when seeing a VSP Lasik doctor. Spectera, Aetna and United Health Care are other insurance companies that offer discounts. Some Unions may offer these privileges too.

As you begin the journey to clear vision, make sure to have a clear view of what is included in the price of the Lasik you are offered. The final cost may be different than the sticker price. We recommend you take this page to help calculate the final cost of Lasik eye surgery.

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