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Why LASIK Eye Surgery Could Be a Smart Investment Despite Financial Instability and Inflation

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Despite the challenges posed by financial instability and rising inflation, there may still be valid reasons for individuals to consider LASIK eye surgery during these times. Here are a few factors to consider:

  1. Improved quality of life: LASIK surgery can significantly improve vision and reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. This can lead to a better quality of life, as individuals may find it easier to engage in activities they enjoy without the hassle of corrective eyewear.
  2. Long-term cost savings: Although the upfront cost of LASIK surgery can be significant, it may provide long-term cost savings for those who currently spend money on glasses, contact lenses, and related supplies. Over time, these savings could outweigh the initial investment, even during periods of financial instability.
  3. Financing options: Some clinics offer financing plans or payment options for LASIK surgery, making it more accessible to those who cannot afford the full upfront cost. This can help individuals manage the expense while still reaping the benefits of the procedure.
  4. Stable employment or insurance coverage: If an individual has stable employment with a steady income, they may be more confident in their ability to afford LASIK surgery, even during times of financial instability. Additionally, some insurance plans may partially cover the cost of the procedure, further reducing the financial burden.
  5. Personal priorities: Each individual must weigh their personal priorities and financial situation when considering elective procedures like LASIK surgery. If improved vision and freedom from corrective eyewear are high priorities, individuals may choose to invest in LASIK despite financial instability.

You need to think like a venture capitalist. Not like a day trader. VC look for long term investment. Warren Buffet is not fazed by fluctuations in market as goes for value stocks. He knows the true worth of a company. Same way Lasik is worth forever. Ups and downs in economy should not scare in investing in vision.

Infact it may be the best place to put your money. You will definitely get a return on your investment. the same cannot be said of buying stocks.

Let us meet Sheila, an IT professional from Culver City, about her decision to invest in LASIK eye surgery at Khanna Vision Institute in Beverly Hills despite stock market. She said her decision was based on several factors:

  1. Prioritizing personal well-being: My personal well-being and quality of life were more important than the current state of the stock market. Improved vision and freedom from corrective eyewear can have a significant positive impact on my daily life.
  2. Stable income: As an IT professional, I have a stable income, allowing me to confidently invest in LASIK surgery even during times of market instability. I feel secure in my ability to manage the cost of the procedure without compromising my financial stability.
  3. Reputation of the clinic: Khanna Vision Institute in Beverly Hills has a strong reputation for providing high-quality LASIK eye surgery. The multiple personal 5 star reviews gave me confidence choosing this beautiful center, regardless of the broader economic environment.
  4. Financing options: Khanna Vision Institute offers financing options or payment plans making the procedure more accessible and affordable for Sheila, even during times of financial turmoil. I know that a starbucks coffee is a luxury if I am short on dollars. I don’t feel we can consider vision in that same category. I would still need to buy my daily disposable contact lenses. That costs a buck or two right. Combine the two costs and voila my lasik becomes free. You really want to know the math on this ? Ok, So a cup of coffee is $ 7. Contacts $2 together $9 per day or $270 per month. My monthly installment for the best lasik eye surgery is only $250. Yaay, i still have $30 to go celebrate St. Patrick’s day.
  5. Separation of personal finance and investments: It is important not to get swayed by the media. We need to separate our personal finance decisions, like investing in health and well-being, from our investment portfolio. This separation allows us to prioritize her needs without being swayed by the stock market fluctuations.
  6. Long-term benefits: LASIK surgery can provide long-term benefits that outweigh the short-term financial impact. I decided that the long-term benefits of improved vision and potential cost savings from not needing corrective eyewear were worth the investment, despite the uncertain financial climate.

We encourage you to focus on your vision and health.

Ultimately, each individual’s decision to invest in LASIK surgery depends on their personal circumstances, priorities, and financial situation. While it’s essential to be mindful of broader economic conditions, individuals like Sheila may decide that the benefits of LASIK surgery are worth the investment during times of market turmoil.

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