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New Painless Laser Eye Surgery

  • 2 min read

New Painless Laser Eye surgery is offered at Khanna Vision Institute. People of Los Angeles have been so happy with the outcome of vision correction procedure utilizing the latest technologies. Dr. Khanna is always looking out for his patients

Yeah so I got lasik here at  the Khanna vision institute it’s been really great I have 20/15 vision now it’s been great having glasses and the post op care has been really really excellent

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New Laser Eye Surgery

New painless laser Eye Surgery happy patient with Dr.Khanna



The latest in advanced vision correction

Khanna Vision Institute Lasik girl

Painless Lasik

No pressure no pain but great vision is yours.

EVO Visian ICL or Implantable Collamer Lens


EVO ICL takes vision where lasik and smile meet their limitation.

An easy to read book on Presbyopic Implants in Eye & why they are superior to lasik.


For people above 45 years. Even more advanced than Lasik.