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Yelp lasik surgery los angeles

  • Yelp lasik surgery los angeles

    maegan w.
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    I had my LASIK on Halloween and it was amazing! Dr. Khanna and Desi his assistant were amazing. I was super nervous and they were very patient with me. He let me learn about all the machines and what they were going to do. I highly recommend Dr. Khanna!! Great guy and great sense of humor. Today 1 week after Lasik I can see 20/20 for the first time in 19 years. He gave me his personal cell number if I had any issues after procedure, I had to use it once with quick reply!

  • Ivan M.
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    I recently had the surgery a few days ago and I have to say that my vision has improved drastically. Dr. Khanna is there to make sure you get the best vision possible. He is genuinely interested in your vision as well as the patient. The staff at the institute are very helpful and take care of any questions that you may have. Everyone makes you feel at home. I came in having vision of 20/200 and now have vision better than 20/20 which is by all means better and was only possible by the talented Dr. Khanna and his staff. I am very grateful for this improvement of vision. I definitely recommend him to anyone looking into LASIK. The procedure does not take long and results are literally immediate. I felt little to no pain and recovery has been easy to accomplish. Thanks Dr. Khanna and staff once again.

  • Sherri M.
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    I recently had lasik with Doctor Khanna.  It was a great experience.  His staff is very professional and kind. He is excellent at what he does. I now have 20/20 vision.  If you depend on contacts or glasses give them a call. You will be happy you did. He’s actually a medical doctor.  Trust a professional.  Don’t just choose anyone.

  • Nidhi S.
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    Absolutely an amazing doc. Very professional and gives u all the time u need to get your questions answered. Obviously,  this was a huge decision for me to get my lasik done. My eyes are my livelyhood, and I would rather pay more and get my piece of mind. And this is it. I just had my procedure done on tues, and here I am all raving about him already. The staff is super friendly,  and his assistant Daisy is a sweetheart.  She checked on me as to how I was doing almost regularly.  I highly highly recommended! !!! My best decision ever!!!

  • hudson s.
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    Dr. Khanna is a fantastic surgeon and doctor.  I have had to wear glasses for the past 20 years.  I finally decided to go through with lasik, and the results are amazing.  It has been less than a week since my procedure, and while 100% recovery is a long process, I am already seeing 20/25, and my eyesight will only continue to improve with time. His entire office staff is knowledgeable, kind, care about you every step of the way.

  • Jennifer K.
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    I always wanted 20/20 vision but was afraid to get the LASIK surgery done. I finally found the courage to look into the process and called Dr Khanna. He and his office staff were so helpful and supportive. They walked me through the whole surgery and Dez even held my hand during  the LASIK. I am so happy I went to Dr Khanna and trusted him with my eyes!

  • Shawn B.
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    Before I got Lasik my eye sight was pretty bad, I could not see at all without my glasses or contacts. However, after I got Lasik, I could crystal clear! 🙂


  • Maria C.
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    Hi, my name is Maria and I was diagnosed with Pterygium in my left eye a few years ago.  I had been looking for the best specialist, and the search finally paid off when I found Dr. Khanna.  I scheduled my initial consultation about three weeks ago and two weeks later I had the procedure done.  Although three hours away from home, very well worth the drive.  I can honestly say that from the moment I first walked into the institute both Dr. Khanna and his staff have made me feel so comfortable. I am completely stoked, the Pterygium is finally gone…  I had my one week follow-up today and even though my eye is still red he assured me that the redness will be gone within the next few weeks.  I can’t hardly wait to see the final result.  Stay tuned…

    Thank you Dr. Khanna!!

  • John W.
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    Best thing that ever happened to me! I saw Dr. Khanna in June for Lasik, and as promised my vision has continued to improve as time goes on. I started with a very bad astigmatism ( I could not read an alarm clock from about 8 feet away), now I am easily seeing 20/15 and the clarity and sharpness seems to improve everyday.  This has literally changed my life. I did a lot of research when deciding where to go for my procedure, and decided to drive down to LA from Reno, NV because Dr. Khanna was one of the top rated surgeons in the country. His prices are right in line with other providers of his quality and reputation. If you live in the area its a no brainer, and if you don’t  I would recommend making the trip. It’s worth the gas money or plane ticket. You have to live with your eyes the rest of your life, and Dr. Khanna is as good as it gets.

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