Windmill Technique – Latest Cataract Surgery Method

Windmill Technique – Latest Cataract Surgery Method

We know that phakoemusification or cataract surgery using ultrasound is constantly evolving. This is done with an eye towards safety. as cataract surgery has evolved it has decreased occurrence of problems. The incidence of infections has been the most important chapter in modern cataract surgery. Decrease in breaking of the posterior capsule of the lens bad has been a feather in the cap of top cataract surgeons.

Windmill technique: This new technique has been published in the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery in 2014. The authors display a new safer method of lens removal using minimal energy. They employed an Infiniti Ozil apparatus system. Instead of first breaking the centre part of the lens into multiple pieces they go after the soft part first. They churn the softer outer part utilizing oscillations of hand piece. Than they liquify the central hard part of the lens. This avoids the sound energy traditionally used. It also has the advantage of working away from the cornea. Windmill Technique – Latest Cataract Surgery Method, also prevents small pieces of lens from flying around and keeps a safe distance from the posterior capsule.


Alcon Infinity Ozil Cataract Surgery System

Alcon Infinity Ozil Cataract Surgery System

Windmill Technique – Latest Cataract Surgery Method works best with softer lens- Grade 1 and Grade 2 .You may be aware that cataracts are graded based on their firmness from Grade 1 to Grade 5. Grade 5 being the hardest thickest lenses. They may be white, red or even black in color. Grade 1 are the softest and usually grey or white.

It is a good idea to discuss with your cataract surgeon the various types of latest techniques he is skilled in. There is no harm in seeking a cataract surgeon who knows various approaches to eliminate the cataracts.

Dense cataract

Advanced Grade 4 Cataract

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