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Will I Need LASIK Follow-Up Treatment?

Most patients walk away from a single LASIK treatment with their vision restored to their satisfaction. However, there are certain rare situations where a follow-up treatment may be necessary. A variety of factors may necessitate a follow-up treatment, including medications you may have started after surgery, or simply the way that you heal. People with higher prescriptions are usually more likely to need LASIK revision treatment.

At The Khanna Institute, we cover post-op exams and revision surgery for up to one year after your original Beverly Hills LASIK surgery. Once a year has lapsed, the cost for follow-up treatment will vary. Usually, revision surgery is not performed until at least four months have passed since your initial procedure, to give your eyes time to heal and your vision time to stabilize.

LASIK revision surgery is even safer than the original LASIK procedure, since there is no need to create a new corneal flap. Instead, Dr. Khanna will use the same flap that was made during your last surgery to apply the revised treatment. Healing and recovery will be the same as it was after your initial surgery.

If you have further questions about LASIK, please contact The Khanna Institute or call us today at (877) 254-2662 to schedule a free LASIK screening. We serve patients in Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, and surrounding areas of Los Angeles, California.

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