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Will I Need Lasik More than Once?

Will I Need Lasik More than Once?

LASIK permanently changes the shape of your cornea to perfect vision and provide a life free on prescription eyewear.You ask : Will I Need Lasik More than Once?Usually once is enough. A small percentage people will need to have LASIK more than once to achieve perfected vision or to sustain perfected vision when prescription needs change.

Eye healing or errors may induce  over or under-correction can necessitate a LASIK enhancement procedure. These events are made less likely when you work with an experienced Los Angeles eye surgeon like Dr. Rajesh Khanna, but are not impossible. In the unlikely event that LASIK enhancement is necessary , Dr. Khanna will provide the service free of charge.

 Joe Mantegna Criminal Minds Will I Need LASIK More than Once?

Joe Mantegna Criminal Minds

Signs You may Need LASIK Enhancement

LASIK can provide clear vision, but will not always produce 20/20 correction. If you are unhappy with your initial results, Dr. Khanna can discuss your options for enhancement.

If you have glare or haloes a corneal shape analysis needs to be done. This may indicate reshaping or enhancement of lasik is required.If your vision fails to stabilize or improve during the first three to four months following your surgery, you may also need to talk to Rajesh Khanna, MD about an enhancement or fine tuning.

LASIK enhancement may be required if pre and postoperative instructions are not followed and avoidable complications occur. Be sure to closely follow all of Dr. Khanna’s advice to help reduce your risk for complications, thereby reducing your need for an enhancement procedure.

We hope we have been able to answer the question Will I Need LASIK More than Once?

To discuss LASIK enhancement with an experienced Los Angeles lasik eye surgeon, please contact the Khanna Institute of LASIK & Refractive Surgery today to schedule an initial consultation.

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