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What is monovision lasik surgery?

What is monovision lasik surgery

Across the globe, there are numerous people who are interested to know ‘what is monovision lasik surgery’. In this article we will tell you all about this type of surgery and its various aspects that are important to keep in mind while opting for this surgery.

Monovision lasik surgery is one of the leading ways that is used in eye care for removing presbyopia. When it comes to eyes we are able to see the object clear and that vision of our eyes is also known as binocular vision. In most of the people they have one dominating eye that brain uses more for gathering knowledge of surroundings.

In this surgery this factor is used for keeping the eye’s vision up to the mark by using contact lens fitters. This is a suitable option for people who have one eye dominating vision and helps to produce mono vision so you clearly see the objects around you. That eye is supplied with contact lens that boosts the far vision limits and person can see the things from distance. On the other hand other eye is provided near contact lens so as to increase the quality of near vision. This type of vision makes perfect way for driving etc as you will have one eye that will take care of the far vision and the other one will ensure that the near vision is perfect.

Monovision lasik eye surgery expert

Monovision lasik eye surgery expert

Many lasik surgeons purposely provide mono vision to presbyopic patients so they don’t have to wear different glasses such as near and far sight for different tasks. On the other hand, some of the other surgeons use some other methods as there are many people who are unable to fiddle with mono vision. In case you are seeking for the good results and want to try this surgery then you can opt for trial lenses to make sure that you will be able to cope up with the different purpose lenses on both of the eyes. If you feel that it is comfortable for you then you can undergo mono vision lasik surgery.

Mono vision is an option to Conductive Keratoplasty that was used earlier for treating vision of people who have presbyopia. In this technique controlled frequency of radio energy was used to shrink the fibres of collagen especially in the outside edge of the cornea. This method was major success and FDA approved this method in 2002. But its subsequent dismissal was attributed to its result that stands for very short period of time.

In mono vision method that is described as near vision CK (Refractec), keratoplasty is done on the single non dominating eye only in order to correct the visual of presbyopia patient. This technique is used in mono vision because a person needs help in near vision because he/she can see objects that are very far from them but have problem in having accurate near sight.

So you see it is imperative that before seeking any surgery you make thorough consultation with eye specialist so that you get the best benefits out of any surgery you opt or your eyes.

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