What Causes Cataracts?

Cataracts are cloudy areas that develop in your eye’s natural lens. Although they start out microscopic, cataracts will eventually expand to cover your entire lens, interfering with your vision and potentially leading to blindness. Most cataracts are age-related and begin to form after age 40, though symptoms are not usually noticeable until your 60s.

The clarity of your eye’s lens is maintained by the natural protein fibers within it. As you age, the structure of these protein fibers alters, causing proteins to clump together, which is what results in opacities. These cloudy areas block light from entering your eye and reaching the retina, making your vision appear foggy or dim.

However, not all cataracts are caused by the natural aging process. Sometimes, cataracts can be triggered by:

  • A blunt force injury to the eye
  • Chemical exposure to the eyes
  • Long-term smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Long-term steroid use
  • Hereditary enzyme problems or a metabolic disorder (can cause cataracts in young children)

No matter what has caused your cataracts, Dr. Khanna can help you restore your vision through cataract surgery. This safe and effective procedure has one of the highest success rates in modern medicine. Your cloudy lens will be removed and replaced with an advanced refractive lens, helping you see better than you have in years. Best of all, once your cataracts are removed, there is no chance of them coming back, since cataracts cannot develop on an artificial lens.

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