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Your Westlake Village PRK / Lasik Provider: Khanna Vision Institute

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Your Westlake Village PRK /Lasik Provider: Khanna Vision Institute

Photorefractive keratectomy, or PRK, is a refractive surgical form is used in the correction of nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. PRK was the first form of laser eye surgery used to actually correct the vision, and is the forefather of the modern Lasik surgical method. Lasek is a surgical form closely related to PRK.

Westlake Village PRK, Lasik, and Khanna Vision Institute

With a firm foundation and an abundance of education and experience in the field of PRK surgical procedures Khanna has made an extremely smooth transition into the adept use of the more evolved methods of refractive laser surgery available today. With such a broad range of experience regarding your laser surgery options as they apply to your personal vision needs you can trust Khanna Vision Institute of Westlake Village and the PRK and Lasik procedures they recommend for you. Khanna provides Westlake Village with PRK choices they do not have with other laser surgery providers.

How do PRK and Lasik differ?

There are indeed a few differences in the Lasik and PRK procedures. When comparing the two keep in mind the passage of time and the major technological advances which have taken place in recent years. Regardless of the differences, traditional PRK may be an effective option for you. Below is a short comparison of the two procedures.

PRK Lasik
Takes a bit more time than Lasik A much faster procedure
The cornea’s outer layer is removed in its entirety for the procedure Creates a corneal flap which allows access to surgical area
Longer recovery but less cost Shorter recovery time; more costly
Westlake Village PRK/Lasik Fans

Westlake Village PRK/Lasik Fans

Lasek: A close relative of PRK

Another surgical option which is very close to Westlake Village PRK in origin and technique is Westlake Village Lasek surgery. With Lasek the need to completely remove the outer corneal layer is eliminated. The layer is instead lifted with the use of a surgical instrument which preserves it until it is replaced after the procedure is complete.

This form of laser refractive surgery has lost ground in recent years with laser surgery candidates because the recovery period is extremely slow compared to the other methods due to the need for cells in the eye to regenerate in order for the vision to be restored.

The Benefits of Westlake Village PRK

Here are a few excellent reasons to choose Westlake Village PRK by Dr.Khanna for your laser surgery procedure:

  • There is much less risk of the corneal nerves dying.
  • The laser does not require as much depth to get the job done as the LASIK procedure
  • There is absolutely no risk of suffering from complications with your corneal flap
  • Perfect if you are an individual with thin corneas
  • Laser surgeon voted best
  • Convenient schedules and free parking.

PRK can be the perfect alternative solution to modern LASIK for a number of reasons: It is more affordable, it is effective, there is a reasonable recovery time, and you run less risk of further eye problems by opting for this particular procedure. If you are interested in Westlake Village PRK speak with Khanna Vision Institute today! Call (310) 935 0478


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