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The Advantages of Wavefront Diagnostic Technology

The Advantages of Wavefront Diagnostic Technology

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Before Wavefront Diagnostic Technology was put to use by ophthalmologists, Wavefront technology was first used by astronomers as a tool to accurately adjust their telescope optics, since it helps eliminate irregularities (aberrations) caused by the Earth’s atmosphere. Today, ophthalmologists use this same powerful technology to identify and map the microscopic irregularities in your own eyes, so they can be corrected through LASIK eye surgery.

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Custom LASIK: Diagnosing Higher Order Aberrations

When LASIK is performed using Wavefront diagnosis, it is known as Custom LASIK. Traditional LASIK is diagnosed the same way that glasses and contact lenses are – using a phoropter. This is the device that you look through during a regular eye exam while your doctor switches lenses and asks you which combination provides you with the clearest vision.

Phoropters can only diagnose the three Lower Order Aberrations: myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. This limits the amount of data that can be programmed into the laser for LASIK treatment.

Custom LASIK, on the other hand, is capable of diagnosing Higher Order Aberrations using Wavefront technology. Higher Order Aberrations – such as trefoil, coma, and spherical aberration – make up around 85% of all vision errors, and are responsible for causing problems such as glare, halos, difficulty seeing at night, double vision, and blurring.

How Wavefront Diagnostic Technology Works

wavefront diagnostic technology

Wavefront Diagnostic Technology

Wavefront diagnosis is quick and painless. A beam of light passes into your eye; this light travels through several light-refracting eye structures, including your cornea and lens, and finally arrives at the retina. The smooth front end of the light is distorted as it travels through the microscopic irregularities of your eye structures. The light beam reflects back to the Wavefront system from your retina, where the information it has collected is recorded.

Wavefront diagnosis is so detailed and accurate that nobody in the world will ever have the exact same Custom LASIK treatment as you. In fact, since every human eye is unique, each of your eyes will require different treatments from each other.

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