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Voted “Best Lasik Surgeon” by Los Angeles Daily News

Voted “Best LASIK Surgeon”
By the Los Angeles Daily


Dr. Khanna was named choice for Best Lasik Surgeon in 2009
by LA Daily News’ Readers

Rivaling Los Angeles Times magazine the Los Angeles Daily News is one of the staple newspapers in Los Angeles, California. In 2009 the readers of the Los Angeles Daily News were given a choice to choose the “best” in every field. In 2009 L.A. Daily News asked it readers for the best Lasik eye surgeon. Candidates only included board certified Lasik eye surgeons who were considered skillful and trusted in the field. The Lasik surgeon rankings were compiled independent of the knowledge of the surgeons or the voters. Beverly Hills Lasik surgeon Dr. Rajesh Khanna was chosen as the “top Lasik surgeon”. His community felt he was amongst the most trusted Lasik surgeons. Khanna Vision Institute is grateful that L.A. Daily News conducted this Lasik eye surgery review. “I thank all the people who trusted their eyes to me and voted me as a top Lasik surgeon,” said Dr. Khanna.


by rajesh khanna