Visx-S4 Iris registration iDesign active Trak laser


Visx-S4-iris registration active trak laser

The FDA authorized VISX Star S4 ™ IR Excimer Laser System is the latest LASIK technology. This laser system permits the surgeons to reshape the cornea with unrivaled precision and accuracy, guided by the detailed map of the eye created by the iDESIGN WaveScan WaveFront ™ System prior to surgery. The result is the safest, most effective form of laser vision correction readily available.
VISX laser systems have been used to do millions of laser vision correction treatments in the U.S. and also worldwide. Every year, many doctors use VISX lasers to perform more laser vision correction surgery procedures than any other system. The VISX STAR S4 is just one of the most advanced systems on the marketplace today. This technologically advanced laser offers faster technologies, utilizing variable spot beam technology and an eye tracking system that tracks the eye in all 3 dimensions.
The VISX STAR S4 can be used in combination with VISX CustomVue to deal with the unique imperfections of each individual’s vision. CustomVue can provide patients with the potential to experience better vision than is possible with eyeglasses or contact lenses.

What Makes the VISX Star S4 ™ So Unique?
We picked the VISX Star S4 ™ for a variety of reasons:
– Alignment with Iris Registration
– ActiveTrak ™ Technology
– VSS ™ Refractive
– Outstanding Results

Key Benefits of the VISX Star S4 Excimer Laser System:
– The Star 4 variable light beam technology allows doctors  to treat patients using different laser beam sizes and shapes, determined by each patient’s individual visual needs.
– The VISX Exclusive SmartBeam technology changes beam dimension according to treatment, minimizing the quantity of corneal tissue that needs to be removed.
– With ActiveTrak 3D eye-tracking technology, the laser detects and compensates for small eye movements by guiding the laser beam to keep it centered, specifically over the treatment area.
– VISX’s special ActiveTrak is the only system that allows the doctors to track eye movement in all 3 dimensions. Having the beam centered correctly on the eye at all times helps deliver precise results.
– Unlike other lasers with eye-tracking technology, ActiveTrak needs no pupil dilation, resulting in a quicker healing time.
– VISX laser systems generate a very smooth surface on the cornea after the treatment. Smoother ablations on the cornea promote much faster recovery and produce better visual outcomes.
– VISX laser systems achieve an optical zone that might result in lowered problems  with night vision.
– VISX laser systems require a much shorter procedure time than many lasers, which improves comfort as well minimize the risk of postoperative issues.

iDESIGN with Iris Registration

In iLASIK, the first step of the bladeless custom LASIK eye surgery is the creation of the flap in the cornea using IntraLase ®. Once LASIK surgeons create the blade-free flap with the precision and safety of IntraLase ®, it is time to do the personalized laser vision correction.

Just How It Works
Numerous doctors use iDESIGN Advanced WaveScan Studio System with Iris Registration for many of their laser eye surgical treatments. First, they obtain a wavescan in each patient. A wavescan is similar to a fingerprint of your eye. Each person’s finge print is unique to them, as is their visual fingerprint, called a waveprint or wavemap. This visual fingerprint transfers to the VISX Celebrity S4 ™ laser that is ready to provide the correction. Patients with near-sightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism benefit from this mapping. When the laser delivers the correction, it automatically fixates onto your pupil, automatically tracking your eye motions and makes use of iris registration. Iris registration explains the ability of the laser to use your one-of-a-kind iris sites to exactly position the laser vision correction.


VISX Iris Registration Technology
– As a part of the VISX CustomVueTM wavefront-guided laser vision modification treatment, precise alignment of the treatment to the cornea is important for optimal outcomes.
– Iris Registration Technology replaces previous techniques of attaining accurate positioning, which required the doctor to manually place ink marks on the white part of the eye called the sclera.
– Iris Registration is a software and hardware product improvement that is a smooth upgrade to the VISX WaveScan WaveFrontTM System as well as VISX STAR S4TM Excimer Laser – the technology that drives the CustomVue procedure.
– Iris Registration Technology is a non-contact method of lining up the therapy to the cornea that provides greater laser positioning accuracy.
– Unlike manual, ink-based positioning methods, Iris Registration Technology is not time sensitive, and also allows the medical professional to re-register alignment even if the treatment has actually been paused or the eye has relocated.
– Iris Registration allows the surgeon to photograph the iris as well as creates a new level of confidence in the precise positioning of the proper treatment on the patient’s eye.

Key Patient Benefits of VISX Iris Registration Technology
– It’s normal for the pupil to change placements from the point of wave-front measurement to the point of treatment.
– Accurate alignment is key to enhancing customized wave-front-guided ablations, and also the VISX Iris Registration Technology makes it easier than ever before with a completely automated process.
– When the CustomVue procedure is carried out, the Iris Registration Technology centers the treatment correctly, independent of changes in the pupil center from measurement to therapy.
– VISXTM Iris Registration Technology makes it less complicated than ever before to attain exact positioning with a completely automated, contactless technique of measuring and also marking the eye.
– Iris Registration technology can save treatment time

Just How does VISX Iris Registration technology function?
– One collection of measurements are taken with the person seated at the WaveScanTM, and an additional set are taken with the patient resting on the laser bed. The technology utilizes a five-step iris registration procedure:
– The system locates, as well as unwraps the iris.
– The system chooses prominent reference points for every iris.
– Using a collection of sophisticated algorithms, the system discovers multiple matching reference points for every iris.
– The system calculates the treatment surface angles from numerous matching reference points.
– Iris Registration technology automatically checks the solution quality.

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