VISX Laser

The VISX Laser

Serving Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Orange County, California

The advanced VISX Laser is the most commonly used refractive laser in the United States. It was originally developed by Alcon and then spun off as a separate company. This was later bought by AMO and now is in the hands of Abbott. During this time the laser has evolved. It has seen its competitors like Summit, Autonomous and LADAR 6000 fall by the wayside. It has survived because: it is user-friendly, gives great results, and its owners believe in research and innovation. Starting from Visx 20/20 it evolved to S2, S3, S4 to the latest version which includes Wavefront and Iris Registration.

“Initially I was a little skeptical and scared but now I am extremely pleased with the improvement in vision. Thank you Dr. Khanna and Staff.”
โ€“ Jason Barbour

VISX Features

The VISX laser uses many features which make LASIK and other refractive surgeries safe and predictable. This laser is very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. VISX laser therefore functions only in a climate controlled environment. It requires calibration everyday and between patients to continue functioning properly. This is very important as it ensures accuracy during treatment.

Visx laser has an active tracker which allows it to track the eye. Involuntary microscopic saccadic movements which occur during the refractive procedure are therefore not a concern. If the eye moves too far, laser delivery pauses until the eye is back in a proper position.

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