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Vision Correction Surgery Options other than Lasik Eye Surgery

Vision Correction Surgery Options other than Lasik Eye Surgery


Other than Lasik

Often during a Lasik consult, the doctor may tell you that you are not a candidate for lasik. Let us explore the reasons for this pronouncement and the alternate available options.


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The cornea may be too thin but of normal shape. In this case Superlasik can be performed. Superlasik is a term coined and technique invented by the same surgeon who invented Lasik. This method pushes the top layer of the cornea aside. There is no cut into the cornea! It is more difficult technically, requires special instruments and skill.

The cornea may be thin and of abnormal shape, which can indicate that the patient is suffering from Keratoconus. For this condition, Intacs and corneal cross-linkings are good options.

The Power may be too high requiring an ICL or Implantable collagen lens.

A growth may appear on the cornea. This is known as a Ptergyium and would require Ptergyium removal with glued autograft.



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