Corbin Blue Lasik with Dr. Khanna

Young man or woman - this is your Time to see better. We have an eye on safety as we deliver to you precision based laser vision correction.

Topography guided laser correction identifies the abnormal shape of the cornea and smoothens it out.

iDesign wavefront technology can rectify aberrations arising from cornea and inner parts of the eye.

​If corneal thickness is above 475 to 500 microns you cna have a choice of flap or flapless procedure. ​Flap based surgery is called lasik. Superlasik is the most advanced flapless laser vision correction procedure. This may be the only chaoice if the cornea is thinner than 475 microns.

If the refraction is higher than 10 dioptres or the cornea is not thick enough for the required ablation ICL or Implantable collamer lens would be a great option.