Vision Correction Surgery Based On Age above 65

Vision Correction Choices for people above 65 years

This may be the time in life where many are facing the “Empty Nest Syndrome”. Others are relaxing and taking  the time to enjoy their grandchildren. The desire to use advanced technologies such as cell phones, computers, or lap top may need glasses. You may now require extra light to read.  Your lenses are now undergoing changes both in color and function. But the desire to hike and swim, fish or ski, bike or bike is still there. You don’t want to be encumbered by glasses of any kind.

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In order to be rid of all glasses including readers – Pi In Eye (PIE) Surgery will be the best option. Pi In The Eye Surgery is a much better option than lasik in this age group. At this stage, some may be diagnosed with Cataracts. Advanced Laser Cataract Surgery could restore your vision.


Rajesh Khanna, MD