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Vision Correction Surgery Based On Age

Vision correction based on age is a great way to determine the best form of refractive surgery. As you may be aware today we have a plethora of choices to surgically improve vision and discard contacts and glasses.

Some of these treatments you may be familiar with like lasik eye surgery and PIE. There are chances you may not have heard of ICL or Kamra Inlay.

Just alike a square peg cannot fit into a round hole lasik or ICL may not be a good option if you are over 65. In this age group PIE would be better option.

​Idesign laser vision correction or ICL would be chosen for a youth of 25.

​Other factors to take into account are general health of eye, corneal thickness and shape distribution as well as condition of natural lens.

All these factors can confuse a person looking to enhance vision. Most end up reading various procedures and picking one they like. Unfortunately, many a time their chosen one may not even be an option for them.

Hence we have come up with a classification which simplifies decision making.

Less than 45 years

​45 to 65 years

Greater than 65 years