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Visian ICL Cost



Visian icl cost can vary between $3999 to $4999 per eye in Los Angeles in 2016

When Lasik or laser eye surgery is not an option a person can consider Implantable collamer lens(ICL). ICL gives quicker better vision in high nearsightedness.

Visian ICL Cost

As the cost of hearing aid depends on the kind of hearing aid one would need as per the recommendations of their ENT specialist, the cost of visian ICL also depends largely, if not wholly, on your eye specialists or doctor’s recommendations. As a rule of thumb, your doctor knows you best when it comes to your medical conditions and body behavior. As far as the Visian ICL product is concerned – it is a high definition premium product and with that it brings all the benefits and advantages of premium products. That much can be said about it now. However, it is advisable to contact your visian ICL surgeon for your financial plans and options.

Good things not only take time; they cost more as well!

Who would miss a HDTV, right? But of course! There was a time when HDTV was not there. Long after they did come, they were not affordable by all. But even then, how did you feel when you looked at your favorite sport, program, your favorite television series or your favorite movie on an HDTV? You did realize that you are missing something with your good old television. Not that they are bad. But the HDTV is better! But of course! HDTV costs more. And this is not only true for HDTV but for all the premium products that come in the market.

Something that is genuinely good always costs more. It costs more for the fact that it gives more. Good products speak for themselves. They need neither salesman to convince nor a marketing campaign. When had a look at HDTV you probably felt something missing out of life when you went back to seeing your television. Why this example? Well, imagine to yourself that for what can be considered as a nominally more cost than your television you get all the features of a HDTV for all the time that you are awake what would you do? Well, it’s not really much of a choice, is it? Long term benefits always are more important than short term gains. Visian ICL is like the HDTV. By logic it costs more than other refractive procedures.

Visian ICL lens is a new technology recently approved by the FDA for vision correction. Find out how Visian ICL can benefit you if you have cataracts or astigmatism!

The price that non-Visian procedures impose:

On an average a person spends around $415 per year on their eyeglasses and contact lenses. This is of course an average depiction and one could always expect things to go on either side.

Add to this the cost of:

  • Eye drops
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Yearly exams
  • Prescription Sunglasses
  • And the hassles:
  • Replacing glasses and contact lenses
  • Locate the lost glasses
  • Travel hassles of wearing contact lenses

And the time:

Take a simple case. Think about a typical lens case and solution and how much time would you spend daily on caring about your lenses? 5 minutes? 15 minutes? Let’s take 10 minutes. How much time you would spend yearly? 30-90 hours! Does that not sound like too much of time for too trivial a thing?What is your time worth? Lets say $20/hr. That yields a cool $1800 ! You decide.

Average Visian ICL Cost

Marketscope results say that in United States, on an average the spending for Implantable Contact lens treatment is $4200 per eye in 2016. Well, that’s only an average where on case to case basis it might go higher as well. Based on great technology and result that are successful you can definitely expect to pay a price that is premium and afford a state of the art treatment. Want to know more? Just contact your nearest qualified Vision doctor.


Many surgeons also provide payment options that range over a period of time seeking from you an amount in installments. This method allows the vision ICL to be affordable for more patients,The plans can range from 6 months to 60 months. We provide option of 36 equal installments with no interest and no prepayment penalty.The plans can be tuned down to what you can afford to spend each month without pinching your pocket and falling behind your financial goals. You can definitely work to pay the cost of Visian ICL over time. Monthly payments can be as less as, say a night out! Contact our friendly counsellors at Khanna Vision Institute to learn more about your affordable financing options to make Implantable collamer lens or ICL affordable.

When vision is important you choose foremost vision expert Rajesh Khanna, MD of Beverly Hills.

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