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Ventura lasik eye surgery

Ventura lasik eye surgery

Ventura Lasik Eye Surgery: Getting to Know the Basics of the Surgery

Having Ventura lasik eye surgery is the one of the best steps that one can get to improve their current eye health. Many from around the world would look for the best one in town, however, not everyone actually knows how the surgery works. Aside from just searching for the best Ventura Lasik eye surgery, it would also be beneficial for you to know the surgery even before your doctor explains it to you.

So, how does Ventura lasik eye surgery work?

The basic idea that you must grasp is that Lasik eye surgery does not mean the surgeon tinkering the eyeball itself. It is a kind of surgery that starts as well as ends with the corneas. Here is how it is done generally.


  • The Numbing Drops

Initially, the ophthalmologist will need to apply some numbing drops to the eyes. The ophthalmologist will do this by pulling down the bottom part of the eyelid and then administering the drops. He or she may need to add more drops later on – depending on the situation. The numbing drops will usually take effect in just a few seconds and it can last for about 15 minutes maximum. With the numbing drops, no pain will be felt throughout the surgery. However, you may still feel it when the Lasik eye surgery speculum is used to hold the eyelids open.

  • The Flap

After the numbing drops take effect, the eye surgeon will create a “flap”. He will do so using a blade or a laser. He will then lift the flap made so he can start with the process of correcting the vision. While the eye surgeon is creating or lifting this flap, you must know that your vision may blur or dim. This is absolutely normal.

  • Reshaping Through Laser

Ventura eye surgeons for Lasik utilize an excimer laser when reshaping a specific layer of the cornea – the stroma layer. What the laser exactly does is remove some cells so it may agree with the unique prescription that you have. When the laser works, you will be looking at a green or red light while the computer connected to the laser will be tracking your eye movements to ensure precision. In all of these, you may hear a noise – a clicking noise, as well as smell a specific odor. Again, this is normal. Moreover, if you will be having a custom Ventura Lasik eye surgery, your eye surgeon will correct your vision more than just correcting farsightedness, astigmatism, and nearsightedness.

  • Replacing the Flap

The eye surgeon will replace the flap by means of utilizing special eye surgery instruments. He may need to apply additional eye drops for a painless process. The healing will then take place as you leave the laser suite. At this point, the eye surgery may have taken about half an hour or even less.

  • Eye Surgery Aftercare

After the surgery, your eyes may water as well as feel irritated for just a few hours though. It is suggested that you take a nap to allow your eyes to rest. You may also need to apply steroidal, antibacterial drops for a week. Your functional vision will return either on the night of your surgery or on the day after it. Follow up checkups will be scheduled throughout a year at progressively longer intervals. This will allow tracking of your healing and measuring of your prescription. For most patients, 20/20 vision may be attained or sometimes even better in just a year out.


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