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What Is Laser Eye Surgery

What Is Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery and How It Works.

Laser Eye Surgery is most commonly termed as LASIK and involves medical procedures that use lasers to treat short sightedness, long sightedness, and astigmatism and to reshape the cornea. This surgery helps people to improve their eyesight and experience a natural vision with only a quick and painless surgery procedure.

Laser sculpting procedures have been in practice for over three decades and many people have gained complete advantage using these procedures. During Lasik the shape of the surface of eye can be changed using laser corneal sculpting. Top Thousand Oaks Lasik surgeons can be found performing laser surgeries in the safest way offering helpful solutions to reform the eye shape, sight and gain perfect vision.

The front of human eye is covered by a transparent tissue called cornea and this tissue controls focusing power of the eyes. When people approach eye specialists and surgeons for restoring their sight without the use of glasses or any kind of contact lenses, laser surgery is employed. As a result of this surgery, the microscopic amounts of tissue in the cornea are removed by using a computer controlled laser.

Photorefractive Keratectomy makes use of excimer lasers and it focuses on reshaping underlying layers by removing the outer thin layer of cornea. Laser specialist takes complete care of patients and take great passion in doing the surgery for the patients.

All laser eye surgeries prove to be beneficial to patients. Femtosecond laser is employed in many procedures to create a thin flap of tissue in the cornea. IntraLase laser is in general used largely. The flap of tissue is then lifted and the underlying tissue is reshaped using the excimer laser. This flap of tissue is replaced to cover up the surface. In some cases, a epikeratome which is automated instrument is employed to create the flap of tissue. Our practice offers a variety of lasers to suit each patient’s needs. Our Beverly Hills & Thousand Oaks location are each equipped with the latest technology in vision correction and we believe that each patient deserves that best care. When you come in we can suggest which technology may be best for your eye. You may also tell your preference to us. Together as a team we will stove to cure the imperfections of your eyes and deliver amazing vision.

Eye is a biological tissue and you may have heard about some of your friends requiring a touch up. You may have seen Dr. Oz talk about some people needing a touch up. Rest assured, we are with you all the way. If your eyes change we will not charge again to fine tune the vision. So you investment in laser eye surgery is safe with us. Some may say safer than money in the bank.