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What is Lasik Eye Surgery?

Thin Flap Lasik Eye Surgery

Advantages of thin flap lasik eye surgery

Our Laser Technology

Am I old enough for Lasik?

Complications of Lasik Eye Surgery

Affording Lasik Eye Surgery in Los Angeles


What is Lasik Eye Surgery? 

Lasik eye surgery can be defined as the reshaping of the cornea to decrease or eliminate the refractive error of the eye. Cornea is the outermost clear part of the eye. It does not impart color to the eye. Iris gives the color of the eye. Hence we are usually unaware of its presence. What is interesting is that it is the strongest lens in the eye. Yes, it is even more powerful than the natural lens of the eye. So it makes sense to alter its shape and power to yield pristine vision. The reshaping can be done on the surface of the cornea like in PRK, EpiLasik/SuperLasik , Lasek or after lifting a flap as in Lasik.

Lasik eye surgery has evolved in the past few decades. Advances have included eye surgery for astigmatism and wavefront optimized or wavefront customvue nearsighted (myopic) and farsighted (hyperopia) Lasik. One of the best innovations in Lasik eye surgery has been thin flap Lasik eye surgery.

What is thin flap Lasik eye surgery?

A method of designing a cornea flap which is of uniform thickness between 90 and 120 microns. This can be achieved with specialized newer generation automated keratomes. This level of precision can also be accomplished by utilizing femtosecond lasers. These thin and precise flaps are not possible with hand held blades or older microkeratomes.

How is thin flap achieved?

This exactness is the result of years of biomedical research. Moria, a french company has worked over decades to develop a machine which can consistently deliver uniform thin  flaps. The interface is very smooth.

Lasers which fire to a preset depth can also yield this exactitude. These lasers are different than the ones used to shape the cornea.

Advantages of thin flap lasik eye surgery.

Dry eye symptoms are much less with thin flap lasik eye surgery. This is because less corneal nerves are traumatized during the fashioning of the lasik flap. Cornea is also more stable and even higher prescription treatments are possible.

How long will Lasik last?

Believe it or not the uniformity of the flap improves the longevity of lasik eye surgery. Wavefront technique in addition to thin flap gives great lifelong outcomes. Inculcating these advanced technologies in the reportoire prevent glare and haloes at night.It should last a lifetime.

Our Laser Technology

 A question often asked is “Which is the best laser”. Our answer is for each eye there may be a best laser. So we offer various laser platforms for treatment. Nidek, Visx and Allegretto are available at our centers. What is most important is that we have the latest generation of Allegretto laser Allegretto -500 not the old Wavelight Allegretto 400 or the older 200. Similarly Visx S4 IR is the latest product from AMO. We also have the manufacturers of the lasers like Alcon, AMO maintain our lasers and wavefront devices. You are therefre assured that the laser beam reshaping your cornea is precise.

We allow only certified personnel to calibrate our lasers. Each day before we begin our Lasik eye surgery we calibrate our laser. This process may be repeated before each Lasik eye surgery procedure. We strive to offer only the best for your eyes.

Am I old enough for Lasik?

Lasik Eye Surgery in Los Angeles

A smile is worth 1000 words

Have you hears that you should be at least twenty five or thirty years old before you can have Lasik eye surgery? Well, you have been misinformed. The best time to do Lasik eye surgery is when the eyes have stabilized. This occurs as early as fifteen in girls (Range 15 to 18) and by eighteen in boys (Range 18 to 21). Yes girls mature earlier. Even FDA recognizes eighteen years for their approval process. Sometimes we may have to intervene earlier to prevent an eye from becoming lazy. This is based on judgment and experience of the Lasik eye surgeon. It would be an off label procedure.

Lasik is still a medical procedure. Trust in your Lasik eye surgeon is important. The Lasik Doc can advise the right time to deliver laser vision correction. Still it  is reasonable to request a guarantee. You should be offered a 1 year , 5 year or a Lifetime guarantee of free enhancements or fine tuning.

Am I a good Candidate for Lasik Eye Surgery

Only a thorough examination by a Lasik eye surgeon can answer this important question. We have to rule out signs of keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration or other cornea abnormalities. Ocular coherence tomography (OCT) , Colored Corneal Topography and Pachymetry needs to be performed. The results need to be analyzed by an expert cornea doctor, preferably one specialized in Keratoconus eye disease. We also need to rule out glaucoma, cataract and retinal disease like macular degeneration. Dry eyes can also be a reason to avoid even thin flap Lasik eye surgery in Los Angeles, as Los angeles has a dry climate.

Complications of Lasik Eye Surgery

No action is life is ever free from consequences. Even when you drive to work there is a chance you may have an incident. Lasik Eye Surgery is one of the safest medical procedures preformed. It is even safer than wearing contact lenses. Still sometimes there can be unintended outcomes. Lets explore them.

Under and OverCorrection : This is a numerical complication. Read more about overcorrection after Lasik Eye Surgery

Flap Slip: Even if the flap is well apposed after thin flap Lasik eye surgery, it can dislocate.

Post Lasik Interface Keratitis (PLIK or DLK)

Regression. As the eye heals it can reverse the effect of thin flap Lasik eye surgery.

Glare, Haloes Read more about complications after LASIK


Affording Lasik Eye Surgery in Los Angeles

Now that you have decided to improve your vision we have to talk about the elephant in the room. The cost, the price or the investment. There a multitude of choices to pay for your thin flap Lasik eye surgery in Los Angeles. You can pay in cash, by credit or even by paypal. You may also qualify for special 36 month financing. This allows you to pay in affordable monthly installments.

You may get a tax break if you have HSA or Flex spending accounds.