I now believe in miracles…at at least Lasik! I have worn contacts since I was 15 (a LONG time ago) and was basically legally blind without them. I decided one day just to check out Dr. Khanna as he was close and had some great reviews. From the minute I met him, I felt like I was in the hands of a true pro. He has state of the art equipment and literally customized my eyes for me. He went the extra mile and even sat me in front of a computer with some test eyeglasses to show me how I would see after the procedure. Once I was happy with how everything would look out of my new and improved eyes, we scheduled procedure.

The “surgery” was 24 hours ago and didn’t hurt a bit, only a little pressure after the numbing drops. I went back to see him this morning and my vision is 20/20!!! My life has changed forever.

If you have ever thought about Lasik, run to Dr. Khanna as fast as you can.

Hello world, you look beautiful today!