I had my lasik done back in September and it went smoothly. I was very comfortable with the care and professionalism that Dr. Khanna and his staff showed. I can see 20/20 now! No more contacts or glasses, it’s a beautiful thing to be able to wake in the morning to a clear clock!
The procedure itself was so quick. The actual laser time is so short and nothing more than looking at a blinking light.
The recovery went very well with minimal discomfort. I do believe that years of wearing contacts helped condition me to the “dryness” felt for the couple of days that followed. The drops given for after the procedure really help with that as well. I was able to see better immediately after the surgery, things while still blurry were more clear, and by the next day I pretty much felt good to go. I was very precautious about keeping it dry and not touching my eyes so everything would heal nicely!
It is very much worth it and I would urge anyone considering this procedure to get it done. I have zero regrets and have wanted to get it done for years. I feel the technology is a lot better now with far less recovery time/ dryness.
I am so happy to have come across Dr. Khanna and get the procedure finally done!

About the Author Rajesh Khanna, MD

Los Angeles Lasik Surgeon Rajesh Khanna MD is a recognized pioneer in Presbyopic Implants for correction of aging eyes. He has popularized Cornea Cross Linking and Intacs forKeratoconus. He is an Expert Cataract, Pterygium Eye Surgeon, A Cornea Specialist he performs Laser Corneal Transplants, DMEK, DSEK and DALK. Rajesh Khanna MD is a well known medical writer. He has published the bestseller "The miracle of Pi in Eye".He is also a columnist for the newspaper Acorn. Dr.Khanna also hosts "Medical Magic". In his spare time he hikes with his family and German Shepard or does yoga. He also plays field hockey and loves swimming.

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